Nurse warns of dangers of taking pizza out of freezer: It could happen to you

this pizza It is one of the most notable international foods.Undoubtedly, you can taste and go to different restaurants all over the world Test the best options for eating them. It is undoubtedly one of the most famous and consumed dishes in the world.But, beyond that, if we consume it and we have it at home. We can find it in any supermarket.

However, When we have dinner at home with friends or family and order pizza From any restaurant or the pizza we buy in the supermarket, there is some risk involved in taking the pizza out of the fridge and eating it the next day.

Douyin user Enfermero Jorge Ángel has more than 5.4 million followers on TikTok, His account has accumulated 256 million likes posted a message about pizza consumption that we hadn’t accounted for, It might give us some other problems or upset stomach.

A nurse’s warning about pizza

“Would you keep your pizza in the fridge until the next day?” Typical things we do dinner with colleagues“We leave them at home, and the next day you have a cup of coffee for breakfast,” the nurse said. In many analyses, ” Hundreds of bacteria found to accumulate overnight It’s also likely to give you gastroenteritis like vomiting, diarrhea,” the nurse admitted in his medical records. count Tik Tok. “The best thing to do is not leave it out for more than two hours and put it in the fridge,” he admits.

With food preservation function You have to be very careful, especially during the holidays.summer pose critical momentbecause high temperature is conducive to the growth of microorganisms.

Jorge Angel recommends Don’t go out for pizza for more than two hours. Don’t leave it on the counter if we want to keep it until the next day. we should put it in the fridge To avoid the risk of food poisoning.

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