Nvidia Confirms: Modern Warfare 3 DLSS 3 Activates Immediately!

History of MV3 – Important news regarding the next part of the franchise does not seem to end call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3.

Interviewed on this subject Washington Post (Source), Game Narrative Director David Swanson I expected the next game to be absolutely “groundbreaking” for the series also in terms of story.

The story that will develop in MW3 will not actually end with the end of the campaign mode… But it will get a new development later on.

In particular, either Swenson that another Activision developer Brian Bloom they explained that the story of the rebooted trilogy would go well beyond this year’s game release… This would mean that all the characters would have long-term stories; and that this will gradually be told in future games based on existing storylines.

The history of Modern Warfare 3 will go far beyond 2024…

We think the characters’ stories go in one direction, but they can also go off their “path”… So they can go in the other direction as well, with the characters evolving from time to time.“.

All these things, Bloom concluded, offer us a rich and fertile ground for telling new stories, and I can confirm that we are still only at the beginning of the journey.“. The reference in this case seems clear to us: in the case of a reboot of the Black Ops series (which historically takes place about 30 years before Modern Warfare), stories will continue to evolve and develop around the same characters.

For sure we will know more details about the future of the series with the appointment of the next one. COD Next… A live stream during which the developers will announce all the major news regarding the Call of Duty of the future, starting in 2024.

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