Obesity and diabetes ‘weigh’ in front of COVID-19, regrets López-Gatell


Hugo Lopez-Gatell noted that Mexico faces the COVID-19 with the ravages of a population with poor nutrition, which complicates the cases

The assistant secretary for Health, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, noted that in Mexico the overweightthe obesity and the diabetes ‘weigh’ to combat the COVID-19.

During the conference on the situation of the new coronavirus in Mexico this Saturday, Lopez-Gatell explained that the magnitude of the epidemic of such diseases, along with chronic diseases such as hypertension, complicates the recovery of the sick.

Overweight we weight, obesity we weigh poblacionalmente, and we’re facing an epidemic of Covid with these ravages of prolonged poor nutrition,” he said.

The deputy minister of Health clarified that the bad food not falls solely on the person, because there is a “monstrous and monumental” a glut of industrialized food of very low nutritional value and high caloric.

In Mexico, on average, are killed 600 thousand people every year… half of these deaths, 300 thousand, are related to a poor diet,” he said.

Hugo Lopez-Gatell he pointed out that the country is facing the COVID-19 with inhabitants which consume in excess salt, fat, sugar and calories total, which makes them more vulnerable to cope with a complication of the disease.

Hence the importance of feed properly and do exercise.

Until the time, in Mexico there are a thousand 890 positive cases of novel coronavirus and 79 deaths.

With data from López-Dóriga Digital

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