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A woman waits at a medical practice in Guadalajara
A woman waits at a medical practice in GuadalajaraULISES RUIZ / AFP

If coronavirus is, he has never been to Mexico so far from God and so close to the united States. The World Health Organization has elevated the prediction of seriously ill patients to this country of a 5% to 7% for a single reason: overweight and obesity. 74.9% of the population suffers from it chronically and 230,000 mexicans approximately die each year from ailments closely associated with it. When it exists with obesity, the functioning of the human body leaves a margin to the virus more broadly. And more lethal. To say of the doctors, the covid-19 in these circumstances, the perfect storm, as evident in the statistics. Mexico is the second country in the world in obesity ratealso child, and is going to suffer this crisis more intensely. The first in the list is the united States. When everything runs out, it is likely that the average age of the deaths in both States is younger than in other parts.

Obesity is an inflammation of low intensity, but chronic, tissue. When there is another inflammation, the body has to fight against two fronts. Furthermore, when infecting the lung, the coronavirus attaches to the enzyme that is responsible for the smooth operation of the blood pressure and make angiotensin, something fatal because the body of the obese need more blockers for your well-being. There is another factor of purely physical: the fat surrounding the abdomen exert a pressure similar to that of a brace on the thoracic cage, which prevent the lung to move freely. From all this it can be inferred that obesity is behind most of the causes that have been defined high-risk in the crisis of the coronavirus: cardiovascular, respiratory, hypertension, or diabetes.

The still insignificant statistics in Mexico reveal that 60% of the deceased by the covid-19 were diabetic, a disease affecting 7% of the mexicans at the beginning of the century, and whose prevalence has almost doubled in 20 years. “The body strives to when you have hormones that fat tissue produces so harmful and that there are in excess in those with overweight and obesity and make it difficult for the glucose to enter the tissues as in a healthy person. With time, the pancreas will show signs of fatigue and appears diabetes. The Latin american and the natives of the islands of the Pacific, we have greater propensity for diabetes for genetic reasons. Is due to the old diet. While the anglo-saxons ate more wheat flour, ours was corn, which does not produce much glucose,” explains Jose Roberto Barrientos Avalos, professor of the specialty of Endocrinology, Hospital Civil of Guadalajara.

The expert details how obesity affects “the elasticity and movement of the arteries, which affects the hypertension. A heart scheduled for 70 pounds you will have to pump blood to 90. The heart battle against his tree blood and the brain just to suffer that excess of pressure,” clarifies. Overweight and obesity are measured with a simple mathematical calculation that divides the surface of the body by the height to the square of the person. “There are dozens of tables on the Internet to measure that.” The doctor is pessimistic with the immediate future. Believes that in some mexican communities the virus can be severity to a larger population of the 7% that was estimated. The who projects that half of the seriously ill could die. The figures are in Mexico acquire dimensions unbearable.

The northern border of Mexico, which joins in with the united States, or separated, depending on who governs them, is not the best linde for the coronavirus. But it closed, He jokes saying that he should have been in the eighties, because there began the fateful upward curve of obesity, “with the treaty of free trade of goods and access to food rich in carbohydrates and industrialized”. “Today, everyone blames the tortillas, but that is not true. This is the fault of the food’s calorie packed, a fat intake that was previously not present in the diet mexican”. And the refreshments. Barrientos has 44 years old, and remember when I went to high school with, “containers of popcorn were not the names that now have: combo, family combo, which grow fat only to name it. Nor was there, as now, faucets sauces varied to impregnate the corn flakes that accompany the movies. But not everything is the fault of the northern border, nor much less, he says. “We changed a lot, before the population was predominantly rural, and healthier food is linked to an increased energy expenditure. Now we are more sedentary.”

It’s not all bad news. “The evidence shows that if it is slimming, the body can regain its normal functions. Only on occasion is too late. If it remains five or ten years, with good weight, it is difficult to have been obese complicate things.” There is even a paradox, the “paradox of obesity”: the dimensions of Obelix, the heart was accustomed to work so much that when they feel released of that burden is like a gazelle, in such a way that an old obese “might be even better than a person who has been thin forever.” There are no longer excuses for not exercising.

Maybe there’s time to improve the fateful curve for future crises. But this is already here, it can be said, with the dictator Porfirio Díaz which, indeed, the poor Mexico is terribly far from God and too close to the united States.

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