“Obviously overdone.” Svetlana Loboda was convicted of photoshop in the picture in a swimsuit

Loboda was criticized for photoshop (Photo: Instagram)

Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda was criticized for a new photo in a swimsuit.

The 38-year-old star posted on Instagram a picture taken on vacation, in which she poses in a bikini on a picturesque beach.

During the day, the photo gained more than 130 thousand comments, as well as many comments, where the followers discussed the figure of the artist, and also accused her of photoshop.

According to network users, Loboda lengthened her legs and enlarged her buttocks:

“ It seems that someone photoshopped their legs”, “There even a wave went up a little”, “There was clearly an overdose on the left leg”, “The ass was widened”, “And the butt from the left was slightly“ enlarged ”,“ Beautiful, but with photoshop bust “,” The priest does not need to be so obviously Photoshop “,” The legs are kind of strange, the photoshop is, however “,” You would have narrowed your legs even more)) “, – write in the comments.


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The day before, Loboda showed a photo with her mother in a bikini.