“Ocean Viking” asks for help-off the urgent for the 117 migrants


In tunisia, 30 jun (EFE).- The boat is a humanitarian, “Ocean Viking” operated by the French NGO, SOS Mediterranee, lazó today, a new distress call after one of the 118 migrants who have bought them days ago but had to be evacuated on an emergency basis, due to a serious health problem being the board.

The migrant was handed over yesterday evening, the Italian Coast Guard in the international waters of the central Mediterranean sea, opposite the coast of the Italian island of Lampedusa.

“A man has passed the ‘Ocean Viking’ due to injury this evening. He was taken on board a vessel of the Italian coast guard in international waters, opposite the island of Lampedusa. The 117 survivors, who will remain on board our ship, you still need to need to land in a safe place,” he said of the non-governmental organization.

The ship was held in the last week, the two rescue operations: the first was saved from the waters, out of 51 or more persons, including a pregnant woman, were set adrift in a wooden boat, and in the second of the 67 migrants who have arrived on a ferry that is located just before the the plane of observation of the humanitarian Moonbird.

On Monday, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has said that the departure of irregular migrants in the central Mediterranean remains in a constant way, and he warned that in the last seven days, 618, were intercepted by the coast guards in libya, and returned to you as “hot” to work in Libya, despite the fact that it was not considered this to be a safe and secure location.

Second, they said on the News that those responsible for libyans in Tripoli, the migrants are intercepted at sea and delivered to the coast Guard of libya, and sent to detention centres in the north of the country, on stage for a couple of months of intense fighting between forces loyal to the Government of the National Agreement, endorsed by the united nations in the capital city, and the militia, under the command of field marshal Khalifa Hafter, the guardian of the Executive, is not acknowledged in the story, the strong man of the country.

The IOM has already reported, last Saturday, landing at Tripoli for the 270 migrants, among them 13 women and 23 minor intercepted on the high seas by the vessels on patrol in the country.

According to the statistics of this organ of the UN, a total of 5.475 migrants had been intercepted on the high seas in the first six months of this year, and will be returned to the “hot” to the united states in front of the 9.225 2019 at the latest.

A total of 270 of them perished in the sea, and the 992 have disappeared in all of 2019, compared to 98 year olds! “149 unaccounted for, according to their statistics, in the first half of this year.

Libya is a failed State, a victim of the chaos of the civil war, from, which, in 2011, NATO will make a military contribution to the victory of the various rebel militias on the regime of Muammar al-Gaddafi.

Provided that, by April 2019, Hafter lay siege to the capital city to take control of the RNG in the conflict, the civil it has become a stand-multinational company, fully privatized, with no armies of the mainstream, released by the local militias and Security Companies, Military and Private (PSMC) from abroad.

The marshal, in account with the support of the economic, political and military support from Jordan, Egypt, the United Arab emirates, Saudi Arabia, France, Sudan, Russia, the States, the latter two of which provide you with mercenaries, slavs, syrians and africans.

The NAO is supported by the gulf state of Qatar, Tunisia, turkey, Italy, and Turkey, a country that in the last one, that is, since the end of last year, he was recruited and sent to more than 10,000 mercenaries on the ground in Libya. TODAY


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