oceans and space are the playground of the rich

privately owned ocean exploration company of the Oceangate campaign Titanic lost its submersible vehicle en route to the Titanic’s remains, killing five people including the founder and CEO stockton rushWent missing earlier this week.

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A debris field was found within the search area near the Titanic, and the US Coast Guard spoke about the findings at a news conference on Thursday.

The cost of the campaign has been revealed to the public, involving several wealthy individuals in the sub: tearful figure of $250,000, It also highlights other high-end extreme travel involving wealthy thrill-seekers.

Here are some other extreme tours that can be booked – for an equally exorbitant amount.

First of all, you must know dennis tito The world’s first space tourist.

In 2000, Tito, a former NASA engineer turned investor, then aged 60, paid Russia $20 million for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. He boarded a Soyuz spacecraft and spent a week aboard the International Space Station, viewing Earth from a unique vantage point that few people have ever seen.

Last year, the 82-year-old pioneer had booked a ticket for another cosmic journey. This time Tito plans to go on a trip around the Moon on SpaceX’s Starship Elon Musk,

space tourism

Another brand offering adventure at a similar price point Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc (NYSE:SPCE). owned by the space tourism company richard bransonJourney to the Edge of Space was originally offered for $250,000, although the price has now increased to $450,000.

By 2021, nearly 700 people, including Musk, had booked seats on Virgin Galactic flights.

blue core Jeff Bezos offers 11-minute space flight, auctions a ticket for $28 million.

Mariana Trench depth

Like Oceangate, and for $750,000, EYOS Expeditions offers the opportunity to venture beyond the remains of the Titanic to Challenger Deep, the deepest known point in the ocean.

climbing everest

The three-week package for Furtenbach Adventures’ Everest Signature Expedition costs approximately $218,400. Despite the inherent risks, the company is offering multiple supplies and unlimited oxygen to ensure the safety of its customers, Business Insider reports.

adventures in antarctica

Ultimately, the cost of expeditions around Antarctica can exceed $30,000 per person. Intrepid Travel offers trips around the Antarctic Circle and Drake Passage.

Photos: Clockwise from top left: Virgin Galactic, EYOS, via Blue Origin; Everest, shutterstock

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