October films on Netflix and streaming: plot, reviews

The irony of Nanni Moretti:

Of the best films of the last film season(Bellocchio, Moretti) to unpublished works (Cassander). From a good documentary Lennon and McCartney surreal comedy based on a true story Hijackers of pain With Emily Blunt AND Chris Evans. To a masterpiece in a restored version…

Here are the top titles worth checking out streaming this month on major platforms. The best – more or less – contemporary cinema, available on demand at October.

Some titles are already available, others will be available soon. Enjoy watching! #FilmInStreaming #October #CinemaInStreaming #CosaVedere #Netflix #SkyCinema #NowTv #PrimeVideo #RaiPlay

Chris Evans, Andy Garcia and Emily Blunt

Chris Evans, Andy Garcia and Emily Blunt in Hustlers with Pain. The business of pain” (photo Netflix). David Yates’ film, inspired by an incredible true story, will be released on Netflix on October 27. For us, this is one of the movies worth streaming this month. Also streaming new films from Nanni Moretti and Marco Bellocchio (on Sky Cinema and Now TV), the previously unreleased Cassandro (Prime Video), a restored version of Visconti’s Bellissima (RaiPlay) and much more…

The films are already available online

On Prime Video: Roger Ross Williams’ Cassandro (2023)

Lips painted with scarlet lipstick, bleached blond hair, a bright suit. And also sequins, a jumpsuit in the shape of a cheetah, rhinestones. Thus, the “drag” Cassandro will enter the ring…

Cassander From Roger Ross Williamswhich premiered in Sundancecurrently streaming Prime Video (he also produced it). The film tells a true story luchador gay Saul Armendariz. A star among wrestlers exoticthat is disguised. Not everything is effective; at times we can’t decide between biographical film sports, gay melodrama and manifesto film. Bright photographs in the style of the eighties. Gael Garcia Bernal he’s really good, both as an “athlete” in the ring and at mimetically putting himself in the shoes of the tormented protagonist.

On RaiPlay: Bellissima by Luchino Visconti (1951) – restored version

Rome. Commoner Maddalena Cecconi (Anna Magnani) dreams of his little girl (Tina Apicella) future movie star. For the sake of success in her endeavor, a woman is ready to put her marriage at risk. Maddalena will meet a man(Walter Chiari), who, having made her believe that he can help her, will steal her savings…

From topic Cesare Zavattinidirector’s masterpiece of film history Luchino Visconti. A dark and realistic portrait of the “false myth” of cinema and the golden dreams of those who strive to prove themselves in the entertainment field.

A film from the 1950s, black and white, but as relevant as ever.
This pops up ParadisePlay in the restored version of the Centro Sperimentale – Cineteca Nazionale and Compass Film.

On Prime Video: Guardians by Hugo Benamosig and David Caviglioli (2023)

Policeman Francois Sentinel (Jonathan Cohen) leads a double life. The cop by day is known for his hard and fast methods. But when he’s off duty, he’s an unlikely melodic singer, having only one hit (embarrassingly Kikis complete with ballet…). After a series of riots, a kidnapping and a murder, a man is forced to give up music and focus on his career as a police officer.

Eccentric French detective comedybetween farce and comedy. A wonderful cast led by Jonathan Cohen – consists of actors of the caliber Emmanuel Berko, Gustave Kervern AND Ramzi Bedia.
Only for those who appreciate humor burlesque French.

From October 2

On Sky Cinema and Now TV: Nanni Moretti’s Future Sun (2023)

John (Nanni Moretti) is a director busy filming a new film. It tells the story of some Italian communists in 1956, the year of the invasion of Hungary. Ennio (Silvio Orlando) – journalist fromUnit torn between faith in the party and suffering from the events in Budapest. Outside filming, Giovanni’s wife Paola (Margarita Buy), decided to leave my husband…

After Three floors, Moretti he returns to his more personal, ironic, caustic and sometimes comic cinema. Through a story within a story in the past tense, he focuses on modern feelings of confusion. The scenes in which the author pokes fun at the logic of algorithms and streaming filmmaking are great.

For those who never stop having sweet dreams.

From October 9

On Sky Cinema and Now TV: Lennon and McCartney – Liverpool Stars by Matt Salmon (2020)

For all the Beatlesians this Must see. Documentary Filmmaker Matt Salmon already dedicated the film Paul McCartney (Beatle wings2019) and another work ai Fantastic Four (The Beatles: In Life, 2019). WITH Liverpool Stars (Greetings from Liverpool, 2020) therefore returns to one of his favorite topics. This time we’ll be talking about two of the band’s most prolific songwriters, the duo Lennon-McCartney. He remembers the first time they were on stage together. John AND Paulin 1957. And then explores the power of immortal songwriting, the rise of Beatlesmania, and the friendship and breakup of one of the most important couples in music history.

The film will be available on Heavenly Art from October 9, Lennon’s birthday. To mark the occasion, Sky will dedicate additional films, exhibitions and surprises to John’s memory this evening.
“Don’t be afraid, this is true love…”

From October 16

On Sky Cinema and Now TV: Kidnapped by Marco Bellocchio (2023)

Bologna, June 1858. Papal Guard of Pius IX (Paolo Pierobon), by order of the Tribunal of the Inquisition, they appear one night at the house of the Jewish family of Mortara. A Catholic maid claims to have secretly baptized six-year-old Edgardo (Enea Sala). Therefore, the child will be taken away from his parents…

Inspired by a real family and collective tragedy and a historical book. Mortara case From Daniele Scalise (ed. Mondadori). Marco Bellocchio it reveals all the hypocrisy of dogmatic, facade and domineering religiosity. Like the words “peace and goodness” addressed to a father whose son was taken away…

With an extraordinary cast, from little Enea Sala to Edgardo’s “parents” – Fausto Russo Alesi AND Barbara Ronchi – to the papal authorities, Pierobon-Pius IX e Fabrizio Gifuni as the Dominican inquisitor Pier Gaetano Feletti.

From October 23

On Sky Cinema and Now TV: Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike: The Last Dance (2023)

Do you love me. Mike Lane (English)Channing Tatum) broke down again. He hasn’t danced for a long time and works as a bartender to support himself. One day, at a charity party, he meets the attractive multimillionaire Maxandra Mendoza (Salma Hayek), who is divorcing her husband. Mike reveals his true artistic talent to Maxandra by showing her a striptease show in private.

After a night of sex, the woman convinces Mike to go to London with her. Maxandra intends to entrust the direction and choreography to one big boy. piece theater dedicated to women’s freedom…
Between contemporary drama and flashes of comedy. The final chapter of the author’s trilogy is streaming Steven Soderbergh.

Not everything works out (sometimes the plot is somewhere between a soap opera and a porn film), but Magic Mike – The Last Dance he still knows how to entertain and has a lot of musical and cinematic beats.
Still sexy and charming Salma Hayek (so-so in Italian) in the role of an abandoned and bored billionaire, a “desperate housewife.”

From October 27

On Netflix: Pain Hustlers – The Business of Pain by David Yates (2023)

Loosely inspired by books about investigative journalism. Hijackers of pain AND Hard sell From Evan Hughes (unpublished in Italy).

Lisa Drake (English)Emily Blunt) struggles to survive as a dancer. She has to support herself and her daughter, who has health problems. One day he meets a certain Pete Brenner (Chris Evans), pharmaceutical representative. The man, noticing Lisa’s seductive abilities and always resourcefulness, offers her a job in a company that is on the verge of bankruptcy. They will both succeed in getting more and more people to use painkillers and opioids that they absolutely do not need. They will revive the company’s fortunes, but using immoral and criminal methods…

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Andy Garcia plays the boss of a pharmaceutical company. English director of the saga Harry Potter, David Yatescompletely removed from the register Fantasy. Here he tells – in a bittersweet and paradoxical way – the true, unlikely and unbelievable story of the CEO of Insys Therapeutics and some entrepreneurs without any ethics. The managers, with the connivance of several doctors, made millions of dollars by selling painkillers to patients who did not need them.

The American Dream at its most twisted and caustic version.


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