October Roses: A Cry in Orange to End Your Cancer

Nous sums en plein October rose, my sensitization or chronic cancer. An opportunity for France Bleu Vaucluse to take initiatives to help women suffering from these diseases. In Orange, a team of authors focuses on healthy exercise and offers courses for women who have been treated for cancer. The idea is to allow these women to improve their motor skills and avoid other diseases.

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Additional benefits of physical activity

For a while, Emily is the premiere of escrima. At 37, she discovered that she was suffering from cancer. She leads the others into the medical tunnel: surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, three weeks ago. The left side of the upper body has lost its beauty in mobility and muscularity. She is waiting for these words that will help her return to balance, movement and without soup.

“This course also allows me to meet women like me, weave the lines and make sense of all these medical encounters and make me leave again once and for all.” tell-t-ella. Bruno Alberro, the president of the Orange Press Circle, is also a trainer, and he conducts courses. “When you are suffering from cancer, people should always stop. Otherwise, sport is irreplaceable.”Estim l’escrimeur.

Le Club d’Orange is looking for candidates and has room for two women. The amount is also 15,000 euros, notamment pour acheter les tenues. Women who suffer from cancer in 80% of cases. There’s so much to offer 93% of Gerison-Lorskels practice escrima.

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