Odalys Ramírez and Patricio Borghetti to exceed the coronavirus: the doctors will evaluate them high in five days


For 17 days Odalys Ramírez and Patricio Borghetti were diagnosed with coronavirus COVID-19. The picture was very different for the pair of drivers, because while she presented mild symptoms, he had no sign of disease, but despite this, they are about to overcome this evil, thanks to the care and isolation to which they were subjected.

From their accounts of Instagram, both speakers reported that already came out negative the test of the virus that keeps in suspense the whole world, although they will have to stay isolated for a little more time.

“When you met the 15 days of quarantine, the medical indication was that we did another test and I am very happy to announce that our result came out negative, we leave negative COVID-19. This does not mean that we have the high health, but it is a step forward” said the driver of The air and Tell me about it, already!

According to the doctor of Odalys and Patrick, they should stay on the inside of your house for five more days to have a new test that will confirm the negative result, with that you can regain your normal life.

“Read negative in that review was encouraging. The last days have been difficult in emotional terms” said the bride Patricio Borghetti

“It was a shock for us as a family. We 15-day Duck and I isolated among us, and in addition to our children by security protocols to avoid any type of contagion,” said Odalys about the process of healing that you have had since you were diagnosed with the disease.

The driver of Come the Joy also celebrated in social networks that are about to be discharged: “We are happy and we must celebrate it. In this house died, hundreds of thousands of bugs of the coronavirus because they found another body that happen to be played… Yes you can, we’re going to leave.”

This week, Odalys was able to return to their work activities in Air, space, informational Paola Rojas, transmitted by the channel of The Stars.

After several days of isolation in which suffered the ravages of the coronavirus, appeared on the small screen in a virtual way with a countenance much more spare and an encouraging message: “This coronavirus is not going to be able to me”.

Was the driver of this news broadcast of Televisa, Paola Rojas, who gave the warm welcome to Odalys, who had the opportunity to go back to work from home.

The trace of the coronavirus in the family of Odalys

The positive diagnosis to the COVID-19, both presenters put on alert to Televisa and TV Azteca, companies for which they work as conductors of three spaces morning.

The directors of The Air and Tell me about it, already!, led by Odalys, as well as Come the Joy, where is presented Borghetti, quarantined all of its cast and part of the production until it was thrown out by the coronavirus in them. In the case of the conductors in the space of TV Azteca, several of his drivers were conducted the test of the COVID-19 and were negative.

But the healing process was not easy. The presenter of the mexican reported to have suffered from a dry cough and shortness of breath, in change, the communicator of argentine origin was lost for some days with loss of sense of smell.

“At the time that broke the news, yes it was very hard and disappointing to see comments from people who know me and with whom I have lived (…) people close to, hurt me so much, I felt judged, criticized; when I knew that I was doing well, that my duty was to say what had happened to me,” explained Odalys few days ago.

“Our children are being treated, with the children’s psychology, exactly as if they had. Luckily had no symptoms, were super well”, he detailed the famous mexican about the state of health of their children.

In this same virtual space also reported that Santino, the son, Patricio Borghetti took with Grettell Valdez is already with her mom after staying with them during the first days of this quarantine.

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