Ode To Harry Styles, The Rockest Pop Star Of The Last 20 Years

fans who bought concert tickets They slept in a tent outside the RCF Arena in Campovolo for a week (The queue was self-managed through the distribution of numbers based on order of arrival and repeated calls during the day – those who were absent lost their places). As soon as the gates opened at 12 o’clock, they ran towards the barrier to get the best positions under the stage. It is useless to ask the box office if by chance there were still any seats empty: Total 130,000 tickets sold, such scenes They hadn’t seen each other since the big stars of international rock were in concert in Italy. Ever since his concerts with One Direction, the Italian public has always been the warmest towards him.

And perhaps it is also because of his special bond with our country, where three years ago he also bought a house in a part of the municipality of Bagnoreggio, in the province of Viterbo, tonally. Harry Styles has decided to end the long and profitable “Love on Tour” right here. Raised $417.5 million by dancing and singing to over 3 million fans worldwide over the last three years, Waiting Skyrocketing: Between One Ladder Which will list the successes from their solo debut six years ago to their latest album “Harry’s House”, which has allowed them to climb the planetary charts and also a few surprises (since this is the last date of the tour, they certainly will not be missing – Last year in Bologna, he made everyone speechless by mentioning Meena’s ‘telephoning’.), tonight’s show will be A pop, multicolor and inclusive partyBecause Harry Styles fans have been used to experiencing his shows for a long time.

Robbie Williams: ‘This is the new me’

“this evening wish you were free to be whatever you want to beHe is a showman by nature, he told the 15,000 people who cheered him on at the UnipolArena last year. ,This is the new me, it shows there’s something extra”, he said in 2017 Robbie Williams, who knows something about lasting success beyond boy bands. The former Take That had us talking about the former One Direction as a possible successor for a long time. Harry Styles conquered that legacy without much effort (he never spoke of disbandment, but of an indefinite hiatus), with his solo record after the end of the One Direction experience.

,Of the former boy band members, he is the one who has had the most solid solo career.: at the age of 29 he boasts Assets over $120 million, a figure that makes him one of the richest new generation pop stars of all time. Six years have passed since the British singer-songwriter’s dazzling debut with “Sign of the Times” (inspired by some glam rock across the channel, from David Bowie to Queen), the first piece from the album “Harry Styles.” Over 40 million copies have been sold worldwide between albums and singles.: “Fine Line”, the second album released in 2019, stayed in the US charts for 187 weeks (1300 days), while vinyl of “Harry’s House” was the second best-selling overseas in 2022 with 480,000 copies (of course, behind Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” with 945,000 units sold). From “Kiwi” To “as it was“, passing through “i like you very much,Gold” And “watermelon sugar”, Indispensable in the lineup: those delicious hits behind which shine and moves of talents like Kid Harpoon and Tyler Johnson (already hitmaker with Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Lily Allen), From pop to rock, funk to 80s revival, They took him far away. live play together close band (the inseparable Yaffra on piano, Sarah Jones on drums and backing vocals, Paulie Lovejoy on percussion, NY Oh and Michelle Rowland on guitars, Alynn Sandberg on bass, as well as a horn section), are thrilling and irresistible.

Hard rockers such as Alice Cooper are also among his fans.

There has been no drop in his success in these six years. It was unclear how, after the excellent debut album, the former One Direction remained on the crest of the wave, never ceasing to burn out between missteps and headers. Books dedicated to him on the channel, all unofficial, are proliferating. One, “i like you very much”, was also issued in Italy (108 pages, 20 euros): signed by journalist Caroline McHugh, Some photographs depict the stages of the journey that brought Harry worldwide fame, including music, cinema, fashion and love stories, Everyone likes it. From Paul mccartney and like a hardcore rocker Alice Cooper for Ukrainian tennis champion

alina svitolinawho wrote on social media a few days ago that he was forced to skip a Styles concert in Vienna because he didn’t expect to go that far at Wimbledon: “Still four shows to go, you’re welcome whenever you want,” he replied. The University of Texas is hosting a course dedicated entirely to the singer-songwriter this year: “Harry Styles and the Cult of Celebrity: Identity Culture, the Internet, and European Pop”., If it’s not his music, it’s his love stories – after one with Olivia Wilde, he’d have an affair with Emily Ratajkowski, while the Sun reports a flirtation with South African model Candice Swanepoel, the face of Victoria’s Secret: all the women were older than him – the talk of the town.

gender fluid pride

In 2020 she revolutionized Vogue and became Vogue First person to appear alone on a magazine coverHowever, for the service showing a feminine evening dress under a double-breasted tuxedo jacket:”I find myself looking at the women’s clothing and I think they are extraordinary“, she said. Last year at Coachella, on the occasion of her debut as a headliner on the stage of the California festival, which inaugurate the summer season in the United States amidst music and glamour, she presented herself in sequin dungarees in front of an audience of 125,000, Bowie’s 70s costume tribute (In Chile they paid tribute to Fleetwood Mac, remembering Christine McVie.)

cover of “Songbird”, before wearing the cloak. bisexual pride flag On the Notes of the Manifesto”treat people with kindness”: “Small changes make a difference. It’s just about being kind to each other,” he said, a proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, who also allows fans who want to come onstage during his shows.

a pop star that knows no bounds

In the movie “my policemanLast year, by Michael Grandage, he played a policeman who falls in love with another man (at the time it was a crime) in 1950s England, even agreeing to shoot. explicit sex scenes, When asked about his sexual orientation, he replied that “trying to put a label on sexuality is obsolete”. After all, it’s all part of the game. Harry doesn’t limit himself, In Venice, last year, arriving in Lido to present “Don’t Worry Darling” directed by (former) partner Olivia Wilde, after revealing that he wanted to play for Paolo Sorrentino one day, the singer-songwriter said that “the future is day-to-day, making music and making movies are not an option, as actors we see the world from a different perspective and that helps musical creativity as well. I love both and I feel very lucky.” I do.” His fans are as much as he is. dashing hottie who manages to keep his feet on the ground without getting overwhelmed by the mania of success,

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