Odeon cinema in Milan closed: it will become a shopping center

Some sad news for cinema lovers but that’s not all. The Odeon multiplex cinema in central Milan has closed to make room for works that will turn it into a shopping centre. A reference point for all who quit. rendezvous point, venue of events, of world premieres (it has seen guests nothing less Lady Gaga for example for the House of Gucci, as well as many others such as the multi-awarded Meryl Streep or famous Tom Hanks,

In short, Odeon Cinema is not just a cinema, it is history, it is charm, it is beauty. Which will disappear to make way for shops, restaurants and offices. In reality, cinema will never die out completely. 5 out of 10 rooms will be in the basement. But it won’t be the same, the magic that reigns in this place, we fear, will be lost.

The new skin that will frame the cinema will not lose the architectural beauty of the place, such as the multicolored stone or the royal staircase that leads to the different halls, and this gives us a little heart, but in any case, the planned partial With Fission, an institution that is an integral part of the city of Milan. While on one hand we are deeply saddened by this, on the other hand we are curious to see what the outcome will be.

What will the new Odeon be like in Milan?

Odeon Milan
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It is true that the Odeon cinema in Milan is closing. But as they say right, there is a silver lining in all evil isn’t it? The new Odeon will become one of a kind multifunctional space, more than a simple shopping center an experience where different realities will come together: shops, restaurants, offices and cinemas as not all halls are broken. In short, under Madonina A “Experience Center” Where to enter to experience different moments.

The project, to which opinions are found both against and in favor, recalls, in all, Celebrations of the old Odeon years ago when apart from being a cinema it was also a theatre, tea room, beer hall, dance hall and restaurant,

plans to complete tasks 2024 And for this reason the Odeon cinema closes in August to allow work to continue. We’ll see what comes of it.

Odeon Cinema in Milan

Odeon Hall
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The history of this place is very ancient. in the old days via Santa Radegonda a benedictine convent, In the early 19th century a mini theater, The building was demolished between 1882 and 1883 to make way for thermoelectric plant Society of Saint Radegonda Edison, First in Italy. The plant had a short life and did not last more than 40 years, in fact in 1926 the building was demolished again and a cinema-theatre,

Great names who have worked on it have graced the screen. but it will only be in 1929 As we know Odeon Cinema is about to be opened. The Odeon quickly established itself as one of the main and most permanent venues for film entertainment in the Lombard metropolis. It still has a certain reputation today. among other things it becomes First multiplex in Italy in 1986, I only 1993 The halls increase to 10. In July 2009, The Space Cinema project has begun, leading to the creation of a new company that includes the above cinema. In fact the correct name would be The Space Milano Odeon.

In short, a cinema that was many changed many skins And that’s about to change once again. Will this be the last time? future generations will judge, We can only watch the changes and see what awaits us.

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