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Of all the long layered haircuts the shaggy XL is king.

If you have long hair, and especially if it is straight, you may want to give it some movement with a haircut that favors your features and highlights your look. Alberto Sanguino, Director of Education of Llongueras, tells us what cut we should ask for when we have fine hair and we want to give it volume.

The long layered haircut The one that works best according to the expert is the so-called “shaggy XL”. It is an XL cut of medium length with soft layers that add volume and frame the face, highlighting the features.

Wearing fine hair with volume is the desire of many women. Now, as Sanguino indicates, there are different types of fine hair depending on the texture, the scalp and the density. Depending on the texture it may be straight, wavy or curly; according to scalp can be oily or dry; and according to the high, medium or low density. And why are we interested in knowing these things? Because the longer the hair, the more weight it will have, making it more difficult to give volume. “The length in people with fine hair also influences how long it lasts clean,” explains the specialist. He tells us that, weighing more, the contact with the scalp is older, tending to get dirty sooner. These last are other reasons why it is worth giving movement to the mane. So this autumn- winter 2021/22 do not hesitate and get a haircut a la Jennifer Lopez.

The singer has surprised in Venice with a long layered haircut. A shaggy XL that looks like nobody else.

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