of Cristiano Ronaldo to the Cayetanos


Find footballers left-wing is not standard. Proliferate over the supporting policies of a right-wing, and some as Pepe Reina and Roberto Soldado directly in tune with the party of Santiago Abascal. Your messages on twitter serve to punish the management of the Government of Pedro Sanchez and closer to VOX. The left-wing are more clogged. Labeling a player as ‘red’ produces contradictions when you know the level of life that leads, the collection of luxury cars, their vacations, and mansions in the social networks. Does not seem to be consistent that a young millionaire is on the side of a Government that proposes to give a hack to the highest incomes. But there is diversity. And in Real Madrid there are different political colours. Isco is of the socialists.

In often mess it has gotten the malagueño with the ‘I Like’ that has given the tweet from the rapper Rayden. The bill to pay, with this type of actions, is that of an avalanche of insults and disqualifications. Of anonymous people, and other public. For example, the journalist and real madrid Alfonso Ussía. Hits hard: “This uncle, culibajo and rare, with a beard and a jihadist and billionaire by the grace of Florentino Pérez, does not deserve to continue at Real Madrid”. It is one of the many reactions, while Ussía has been to make blood with Isco for this ‘like’ to the image of a t-shirt with the slogan ‘AHAB’ and a few golf clubs. ‘All the Cayetanos are bastards’is the way we criticize those who speak out against the management of the Government. A movement that began in the madrid neighborhood of Salamanca.

The kiss with a mask of Isco and Sara Sálamo
The kiss with a mask of Isco and Sara Sálamo

Have you wanted to give the face Isco by the Government of Pedro Sánchez? You can think of it this way as you can accept that you do not agree to the tension that has led to the health crisis. Isco, together with her partner Sara Sálamo, has been involved in the solidarity and help fundraising to purchase medical supplies. It has been active for to lend a hand in the hardest stage of the coronavirus and it seems you do not feel anything well to check that there are politicians and protesters that we have forgotten that we continue with the threat of the covid-19. Isco has gotten the very tip, and has generated a tremendous buzz.

Is ‘sacrificed’ by Lopetegui

We are in days of social unrest and every word, gesture, or message of a public character can be used as a weapon. What has happened to Isco have been other famous. But it seems that if you’re a footballer, you have less right to give opinion or not you’re qualified. Is it okay for football players to express their political ideas? In the NBA, for example, it is common to see stars that are wet in the delicate matter of the politics of his country. Few days ago it was Pepe Reina who supported the manifestation motorized organized by VOX with a direct message: “it Seems that it has come out little people to the street, isn’t it?” and said that united we are stronger. Roberto Soldado is another of the most active and his last message is to support the Civil Guard after the dismissal of the chief of the dome, Diego Pérez de los Cobos. “Today more than ever. Viva la Guardia Civil”, writes the front of the Granada and is displayed with a photograph in which poses with a mask of the Praiseworthy. With the hashtag: democracy.

Going back to Isco, and this ‘I Like it’ that serves to revolutionize the networks because it has also been taken advantage of by Gabriel Ruffianthere are to tell of what type of personality it is. The speaker in parliament of CKD wrote a tweet to to differentiate the messages of Isco and Pepe Reina: “The first gave you a like to a tweet by anti-fascist. The second wrote a tweet supporting a demonstration to a fascist. So this works”. A Rogue will also serve the media coverage of the footballers to stir up and wrecking the environment.

With Isco be careful because it is a kind of a strong personality. She speaks little and when you say it is a volcano. In your club the one you want is Zidane. The coach has a professional look. Logically will be judged by his performance and he stands out in its quality and that personality iron it benefits you to withstand high-pressure situations. In the club and in the locker room want and fear. Is the protagonist of stress situations. As to face to the stands by the whistles, the lunge to the delegate (Chendo) when going to the field or his confrontation with Solari. Ended section by the former coach of Real Madrid.

Isco is a rebel. In Madrid, you remember that press conference, in October 2018, when Lopetegui was already sentenced and remaining days for your dismissal. The malaga gave the face by the technician: “If you take the coach, they would have to kick us all”. Words that clouded the atmosphere. As the message he released to the press by the criticism: “it is Always easy to re-emerge. I have six seasons here, and whenever we receive criticism, then the same should tuck the small tail between the legs”. So brave and able to not shut up when asked for his opinion on the progress of Cristiano Ronaldo: “We can’t mourn for someone who has not wanted to be here with us.” As you can see, it is not precisely of the that has a left hand soft. Gives the same to Christian as the ‘Cayetanos’.