Offanengo: he commits a “mirror scam” but is immortalized by cameras

Offanengo: The Carabinieri Romanengo reported the person responsible for the “mirror scam”.

reported by a 39-year-old man

Carabinieri of the Romanengo station, following a thorough investigation that lasted several months, A 39-year-old Italian citizen was identified and reported attempted fraud and damage.residing in the province of Syracuse, having numerous criminal cases against him also for crimes of the same nature.

Mirror scam

In the middle of last April, the Romanengo army received a complaint from a local resident who reported that on the same morning, at about 10.30, when he was in one of the streets of the city center of Offanengohe heard loud the sound of an impact on the right side mirror of his car. But he continued walking, not noticing anything unusual, and went out to another street where he was. get there by car.

When another car joined him, he noticed that only the driver was on board. he complained about a collision with his car and that he would have been hit while parked on the street where the victim had previously driven.

A 39-year-old man invited the victim together take note of the various damages in the adjacent areabut the victim was sure that nothing had happened and there was no contact with the other car, and, knowing that no accident had happened to him, he continued his march without going to the place indicated to him.

The driver of the other car then drove away from the scene in a different direction. Subsequent investigations made it possible to verifythat the victim’s mirror was dented, but in fact no collision occurred, so the driver of the other vehicle staged a “mirror scam”.

CCTV images

After filing a complaint they had police investigation begins Romanengo, who, starting from the streets along which the cars of the victim and the alleged perpetrator of the crime passed, acquired images recorded by numerous public surveillance cameras He was present in the city and verified that a vehicle had indeed been found that exactly matched that described by the victim, and for this reason its license plate number was located.

The military then checked the car and identified its owner, a woman. But the military managed identify the real user of the vehicle, that is, a 39-year-old man who stopped several times and in different places while driving a vehicle, the person has already reported committing or attempting to commit mirror fraud several times.

Fraudster recognized as victim

The military then acquired his photograph and prepared photographic file show the victim who, without any doubt, recognized the 39-year-old man she had simulated traffic accident. For this reason it was reported judicial authorities for attempted fraud and causing damage.

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