Official Apple Scroll-iOS-and iPadOS 13.4, What the hell are the New Features?


INDOZONE.ID Apple has officially rolling out the Updates for the operating system iOS and also the iPad OS hers. Update version 13.4 is known, it can already be tasted by a number of iPhone and iPad users.

You are aware that the iOS update, and iPadOS 13.4 contains some security updates and new features. One of them is a 9 memoji and animoji new one with a different design.

Memoji new in iOS 13.4
Memoji new in iOS 13.4 (photo/Apple)

In addition, In the iOS version, and iPadOS this latest user-share is already the iCloud Drive folder of the application files.

Then the features of the Apple CarPlay was now also able to support a navigation application, by a third party, such as the dashboard and other.

Although the illustrated features are not to many, Apple said that the iOS update 13.4 present a number of improvements in terms of safety and performance for the device.

The user can later perform the update by accessing the settings menu > General > Software update and tap the Download button and Install it.

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