official Italian movie trailer with Ben Whishaw, Franz Rogowski and Adele Exarchopoulos

Ira Sachs’ film, presented at the Sundance and Berlinale festivals, hits Italian theaters on August 17 with Lucky Red and MUBI. Here is the trailer and the story of the Passages.

The world premiere took place in January last year in Sundance Film Festivaland subsequently to Berlinale, Passages director’s new film Ira Sakswhat of excellent films like Love is strange AND Frankie.
Today comes the news that the film will arrive nand Italian cinemas on August 17, distributed by Lucky Red and MUBI. (which, not hard to guess, will then make the film available on their platform, and find below official italian trailer.
Passages english starring Ben Whishaw (what from Skyfall, Paddington, Women say: the right to choose), German Franz Rogowski (great freedom, Writer woman, Victoria) and the French winner of the Palme d’Or at Cannes Adele Exarchopoulos (Adel’s life, five devils).
Here is how the film is described in the press release announcing its release:

The events of the film “Passages”, which takes place in modern Paris, depict the ongoing struggle of desires between three people, where happiness is simply unattainable. With beautiful cinematography and honest, subtle acting, Sachs has created an intimate drama that explores the complexities, contradictions, and cruelty of love and desire.

This is the official trailer and Passages story:

After completing his latest project, director Thomas (Franz Rogowski) impulsively strikes up a tense relationship with a young teacher, Agatha (Adele Exarchopoulos). For Thomas, the novelty of being with a woman is an exciting experience that he longs to immerse himself in despite his marriage to Martin (Ben Whishaw). When Martin also begins an extramarital affair, a sullen Thomas turns his attention back to her husband.

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