Official trailer of “Kimi”, the new film by Steven Soderbergh with Zoë Kravitz for HBO Max

“Kimi” is Steven Soderbergh’s new film after another premiere for the platform. (HBO Max)

Steven Soderbergh go back to the cinema with Kimi, his new film that will star Zoë kravitz before plunging into Gotham City. This film will be an exclusive premiere of HBO Max as part of a new agreement he signed with the platform last year. The film opens on February 10.

The official synopsis of the preview reads: “What if every breath, every sound, every moment were recorded? From Academy Award-winning director Steven Sodenbergh comes Kimi, an original thriller starring Zoë Kravitz ”. Kimi It is New Line Cinema Y HBO Max. The cast includes Byron Bowers (No Sudden Move) and Jaime Camil (Schmigadoon) among others . The script is by David Koepp who also wrote Jurassic park, Spider-man Y Mission Impossible, among many others.

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"Kimi" stars an agoraphobic tech worker.  (HBO Max)
“Kimi” stars an agoraphobic tech worker. (HBO Max)

This film will focus on an agoraphobic tech worker, played by Kravitz, who discovers recorded evidence of a violent crime during a data flow review. She tries to report it in the chain of command of her company. To her surprise, she runs into resistance from the bureaucracy, and realizes that in order to solve the case and bring the truth to light, she will have to do something that terrifies her: abandon the protection of the four walls of her life. Department.

In an interview with him last year with the announcement of the film, Soderbergh He confessed that it is a film set in a post-Covid world that causes greater anguish from a psychological point of view, referring to the state of the main character. It is also a film that gives its perspective on the big technology companies that got fully into the homes of their consumers with so many elements interacting with their tastes, decisions, etc.

Zoë Kravitz will star in "Kimi".  (Warner Bros. Pictures)
Zoë Kravitz will star in “Kimi.” (Warner Bros. Pictures)

In terms of industry, Soderbergh understands the new audiovisual market like few others. Always experimenting and looking for new formats, he worked for different platforms (like Netflix to create Flying birds) and even under exclusivity agreements. In fact, his most recent film, No Sudden Move, starring Don Cheadle, Benicio del Toro, David Harbor, Jon Hamm and Brendan Fraser, debuted in HBO Max with the arrival of the platform to Latin America.

Kimi will hit HBO Max on February 10.


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