Offset and Cardi B saddled with gossip

Without a doubt, one of the most talked about couples in the Stars and Stripes music business. compensate AND Cardi B: after so many rumors and accusations of treason, here is a sort of showdown for a bit with fireworks jealousyavailable from today, Friday, July 28, along with the official video.

Offset and Cardi B sample Three 6 Mafia on Jealousy single

Cardi B and Offset have faced cheating allegations throughout their five-year marriage, complete with snide statements from both. But, as we usually like to think, damn them. Music is always important to us, and if this situation allows us to create pleasant and club songs, then so be it.

That’s all jealousy a song where both – perhaps more Cardi than Offset – lean on all these rumors to a powerful beat co-produced OZ, Boy-1da AND Jahan Sweet and with a bright example jealous ass bitches belonging Three 6 Mafia2000 song on CD Underground Volume 3: Kings of Memphis.

All of this is accompanied by a video clip directed by a former Migos featuring a cameo appearance by Taraja P. Henson, the actress best known for her role as Shug in Hustle & Flow – the color of music and Queenie pe The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by David Fincher which earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

We don’t know, and we don’t want to know, if this song will calm the gossip about the couple, the important thing is that their new collaboration sounds very good.

You can watch the official video of the single below: happy listening and good vision!

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