“Oh, and Selena Gomez, drunk!”. Party-in-Hollywood-and-ends like this! Check out the video


February 14, 2020
(19:54 (CET)

Selena Gomez took a week for the most movidita, after the publishing of the interview and the sexy photo shoot that he did for the magazine Dazed. The singer has a north american has not turned out too good to stop, and he has received a lot of criticism.

However, the most critical of which have been received by a party in the Hollywood films, in which he was accused of being drunk, but it is not very clear, according to the video you have posted.

And the thing is that it shows the singer sitting down and taking a cocktail and it’s doing weird things to it, however, does not appear to be any point which has a clear symptoms that you are able to control your drinking, as they consider the application.

The focus of the debate

Selena Gomez doesn’t come out of a discussion and it goes in the other. His interview with Dazed he had already had a lot of owners who had put their enemies are ready to attack just about anything that was said, and the cup was the drop that filled the glass.

The singer is american, that he is coming out of a crisis that had lasted for years, and it does not seem to be loading anything but simple.

‘ve recovered

One of the most controversial that has been said in recent years, and Selena Gomez was recognizing that when it was Justin Bieber he suffered emotional abuse on the part of the canadian singer.

She is now recovered for this event, but all the networks and all the beliebers) and they cried with a force against him or her once more.