Oh Noah Centineo already met the family of his girlfriend Alexis Ren!


So it was the day that Noah Centineo he met the family of Alexis Ren

The relationship of Alexis and Noah it gets increasingly serious, after having confirmed their romance on Instagram, the guys have been inseparable, and until they made their debut in an important rug.

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During an important awards ceremony, Noah did not miss the opportunity to reveal the love that is of Alexis, and during an interview with E! News, Alexis revealed some cute details of her relationship with the handsome actor of “To All the Guys that I Fell in love with“.

It is wonderful. Your heart is really genuine. She has a heart of gold”: and he added about their dating: “it Is different every time because I’m very spontaneous and he also. It simply depends on what we try to do the one for the other. He likes to paint, so I took him to paint once. Just small fun things. We both love art, so I love to do art together“.

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The beautiful influencer and model and even told the nerve that was the day that he decided to present Noah with his family:

He met my family… it was great. My little brother said: ‘Who is this person?’ and I thought, ‘please, you like me. I really like’“.

Although they take very little time together, it seems that the relationship of Alexis and Noah is going for a very good way, they look super in love!

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