Oh scandal! Yanet Garcia caused a stir among his followers after uploading a video private


Yanet Garciaone of the most popular women of Mexico, but always give the talk of their networks to share their daily life with all of the internet users.

This time was no exception, as to add more content to your profile in Instagram, the mexican posted a video with his partner and unleashed a wave of comment among his followers.

Since more than a year ago, the who was the girl from the weather maintains a loving relationship with the ex-football player, Lewis Howes.

Apparently, their fans more passionate, earned the difference of age, of eight years to be exact, between the famous and the athlete, so as to generate a scandal.

The brunette 37 years old, uploaded a video where he told his partner that every time he was in a bad mood, “he poured out the bone”. And is if that weren’t enough, and to give more spice to the publication, both were in the bed, newly raised.

Thanks to his looks mañaneros, many viewers were not able to recognize Howes next to Garcíto and they thought that it was another person, a lot older. And it is there when you start the confusion and begin to call him “Sugar Daddy”.

The term that has become very famous in today, makes reference to an older man, wealthy, who gives everything to a woman or a younger man, in exchange of “favors of a couple.” The model ignored and decided not to pay attention to the comments.