OIE confirms Argentina is free of the disease

Senasa reported today that poultry exports to countries that have been closed will resume.

Javier Milei announced good news for Argentina on Wednesday amid the political and economic uncertainty created by PASO’s victory. The World Organization for Animal Health (OMSA) has verified the report sent by the National Agri-Food Hygiene and Quality Service (Senasa) last week, by publishing on its official website, Self-declaring Argentina free of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), After the end of the last commercial bird outbreak, follow the recommendations of international organizations.

The purpose of the verification and publication of the Argentine health status report is to Restore export markets that were closed due to the epidemic.

Given the culmination of health actions during the last outbreak of avian influenza (commercial circulation) in poultry, Senasa submitted to OMSA a detailed document containing all health actions taken since the outbreak, which supports and maintains the current STATUS Argentina became a country free of the disease.

More than 28 days have passed since the completion of the depopulation task, including final disposal and cleaning and disinfection of the affected farm, The last of 18 outbreaks has ended The disease occurred in commercial establishments registered on the national territory.

also, Since June this year, no new poultry outbreaks have been found across the country.

Recognition from international organizations is a positive for the industry. 2022, The export value of poultry meat exceeded 400 million US dollars, Occupies the tenth place among the countries with the most exports. In egg production, only 3% of the total production is exported.​

“This is great news,” said the president of the Center for Poultry Processing Companies (CEPA), Roberto Domenech. “However, SENASA and the private sector will continue to carry out all sanitation efforts to control the spread of the virus. In turn, the private sector will work to deepen traceability and biosecurity on farms to avoid possible outbreaks of this virus entering the commercial sector,” it said. a poultry trader added.

Anyway, Senasa they clarified The health emergency continuesthrough a nationwide epidemiological surveillance and prevention mission

“It is important to remember that bird flu andThis is a notifiable disease In our country, anyone who sees death, neurological, digestive and/or respiratory symptoms in wild or domestic poultry can notify the agency,” they concluded in the Senasa statement.

In the 162 days since the first bird flu outbreak in Argentina, 18 outbreaks have occurred in poultry farms, involving a total of about 2.2 million birds. Most of the cases are in the province of Buenos Aires, but there are also cases in Neuquen, Rionegro, Entre Ríos, Córdoba, Chubut and Santa Fe.

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