Ojo Piojo: advice to eliminate allergies from September

“Thirsty September” begins, “sweet and treacherous”, as Yuri said, “damn spring” arrives. Of course, there is no shortage of “allergies” whose eyes start to water and noses itchy. In fact, it is estimated that nearly 5 million Chileans (approximately 30% of the population) suffer from so-called allergies, which can even be triggered year-round.

According to the owners of Mutual de Seguridad and La Cuarta, allergies are the immune system’s response to substances that cause physical discomfort or irritation, such as pollen, grass, pets, fungi or certain types of food. We take this opportunity to tell you all.

How are they manifested?

Major “illnesses” include “guerguero” itching, sneezing, “runny nose,” eye irritation, difficulty breathing, and “chest pain,” and even allergic asthma. Still others develop hives on the skin when exposed to grass.

Spring comes with the release of pollen, so it’s good to know which ones you’re allergic to. For example, trees such as bananas, poplars, aromatic trees, walnuts; grasses and weeds can cause problems even until early April. In fact, according to the calendar, Oriental bananas are among the first trees to be pollinated (late August and early September), while walnut trees dominate in October.

So, “love is in the air”, keeping doors and windows closed, and avoiding exposure on windy days is always beneficial. If the house is to be ventilated, do not ventilate for more than 10 minutes, if possible use air conditioning in the house and in the glue.

As for your “Esperanto” duties, avoid gardening tasks such as watering and most importantly mowing. Try not to dry clothes outside, and if you do, shake them out before using or storing them. If you are very allergic, avoid going outdoors in the morning when the pollen is more concentrated, and change your clothes when you get home, and shower if possible.

For those affected by grass, please avoid all contact and manage picnic blankets at all times. For those with eyes swollen like Martians on Fourth of July, glasses can help avoid pollen exposure. Keep in mind that if allergies are not treated properly, the situation can become complicated. For example, when they have rhinitis (inflammation of the mucous membranes in the nose), it can cause sinusitis (fluid in the paranasal sinuses), and conjunctivitis (inflammation or infection of the transparent membrane between the eyelid and eyeball) if there is a bacterial infection.

If the problem persists, remember to see a specialist and they will guide you to the best treatment to get you through this damn spring.

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