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love Al Ghazali, Alyssa Daguis He hadn’t been heard of in a long time. According to the most recent information, he and his eldest daughter Maya Estiny and Ahmed Dhani did a very beautiful ethnic-themed photo shoot.

It’s been a long time since we heard from Alyssa Daguis, who recently finished her exciting holiday on the island of Formentera in Spain. This can be seen in the location description written on Instagram.

At that moment, Alyssa showed off her body goals wrapped in a black bikini. His elegant poses in front of the camera caught the attention of Indonesian netizens.

So what does an image of Alyssa Dagois look like in a black bikini?

1. Sweet posture on the edge of the boat

This image is very interesting because Alyssa looks adorable even though her clothes are very exposed. She looks really cool with her black bikini paired with retro sunglasses. His smile causes netizens to melt.

“He’s not always bad with any style of his fiancé Al,” said Isthisis***.

“It’s so beautiful, it’s like Kendall Jenner,” @meidinatas wrote.

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2. Looking at the beautiful photo

Alyssa Daguis

Yes, in this second photo, many netizens increasingly believe that Alyssa Kendall is a Jenner twin. You can see on the haircut and eyebrows, as well as on Alyssa’s face from above, she looks like the most expensive supermodel.

In this photo, in fact, Alyssa only pretends to be ready to sail on a boat, but somehow the photos are still so beautiful. That’s what makes netizens more confident that Alyssa isn’t always ugly.

3. Wet on the beach

Alyssa Daguis

Alyssa does not miss the beauty of the island in Spain. It was a very beautiful moment that a family photographer was able to capture.

So, not only is the beach water clear, but there’s also a kind of arid hill behind Alyssa that embellishes the panorama in the photo. Even the image of Alyssa.

Here it seems that he is about to wash his face already soaked with beach water. His frank pose shows his incomparable charm.

It is also interesting that internet users వ్యాఖ్యాని Hendras ** commented on this photo. “The champion is my boss,” he said. Then another netizen said “Ug” in this photo.


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