Oldboy: Park Chan Wook comments on remake signed by Spike Lee

Oldboy Park Chan Wook

Initial Director oldboy, Park Chanukshows how he felt looking at the remake Spike Lee since 2013. Based on Japanese manga. oldboy of Park tells the story of a man mysteriously imprisoned for 15 years who, once freed, embarks on a bloody journey to exact revenge on his unknown captors. It received critical acclaim upon release in 2003 (as evidenced by its 82% rating on Rotten Tomatoes). oldboy has been approved by Quentin Tarantino and at first he was instructed to remake Steven Spielberg that he will lead Will Smith starring. Finally a remake oldboy was sent Spike Lee With Josh Brolin as the main character.

Now, 20 years after the original oldboydirector Park Chanuk shared how he felt looking at the remake of his movie Lee (via Inverse). While praising Lee as a director of great influence, Park also admits that it was strange to watch the new version of the film that he brought to life.

“First of all, it was a great honor for me that this was done by a director whom I respect and personally influenced. When I saw the film, I was very creepy because this is a story that I created, but it is different. It’s almost like a familiar face, but at the same time very new… You know when you go to an amusement park where there’s a hall of mirrors and you see your reflections twisted in those weird looking mirrors? It was a fun experience, like something like that.”

It should be added that Pak’s comment is also very diplomatic, because if his Old guys considered a masterpiece of world cinema, a remake Spike Lee this is one of the weaknesses of the prestigious and rich filmography of the American director.

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