Olivia Dunne auditioned for The Manning Brothers Show, while Tom Brady was totally overlooked

tom brady is the worst enemy of both sides Peyton as Eli Manningthey are all people from the same period in history national football league.

Although payton loses the most The most important game against the goats, His younger brother won two Super Bowls in tribute to the Manning family against brady and new england patriots.

Now that they’re both retired, maybe it’s time to see them again on stage, but in front of the microphone.Thanks to the huge success of the Manning Brothers show cast manningthey plan to hold an audition for the third host.

Although Omaha Productions “Decided to think outside the box” and invited some of the most unexpected candidates. tom brady He did leave the door open for speculation about his involvement in the program … and his possible return to the NFL as a player.

Olivia Dern and Mike Tyson audition for ManningCast

NCAA athletes and social media sensations Olivia Dunnemaking brief cameos like other sports stars such as mike tyson with former linebacker Ray Lewis, and current linebacker Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay.

Other “likely candidates” are also big music stars, such as Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled. But we have to hand over the funniest part to Mike Tyson, who told the Manning brothers: “I’m only here because you guys have the most punching faces in the history of boxing”.

actress reese witherspoon He also made a video call during the audition, but it appears he dialed the wrong number.

Levi Dunne just asked peyton manning If he had heard of Douyin, she didn’t seem to believe him when he answered.

another phantom is pat mcfee From ESPN, he showed Payton’s old, fatherly side as he tried to cover her tank top.

It didn’t take long for Pat to realize cast manning It’s not in their plan.At the end of the clip, there is a stark foreshadowing of their suffering Manning Brothers and Tom Bradybecause they ignore it completely.

However, it’s unclear if Tom will be on the show.

“No, I didn’t get the job on the Manning casting show, maybe it’s time to go back and play again,” Brady said in the video.

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