Olivia Rodrigo publishes new single and announces the release of new album

The much-anticipated second album by world star Olivia Rodrigo, who won three Grammy Awards from her debut album, is set to release on 8 September. Tart, now it’s up to Courage (Universal Music Italy) expected by the person “vampire” out June 30 on all digital platforms July 7 on the radio,

A fresh start for the twenty-year-old superstar and style icon, who has rocketed to the top of charts around the world, while also winning accolades from insiders and industry experts for her writing ability. Intimate recitations, snappy refrains, Olivia Rodrigo resumes a song for summer.

Here’s What We Know About the New Job disc manufacturer does not change and sound care is reassigned Daniel Negro, It will be released in CD and vinyl formats in four special colors.

,This album represents the struggle of trying to navigate adult life and figure out who I am at this point in my life», the artist who made his first steps in the Disney series before becoming the idol of thousands of teenagers, said on the occasion of the announcement: «It seems to me that ten years have passed between 18 and 20 years. It was such a rapid time of hardship and change. I think those are natural components of the growing up process and I hope the album reflects that.,

Two years in which she wrote, lived, recorded new songs that we will listen to in September to find out who she has become.

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