Olivia Rodrigo releases video for ‘Vampire’

it arrives on june 30 “vampire”From July 7 on all digital platforms and radio and on the same day a video with the story of toxic love draining life force is also published with images: «I was troubled by a certain situation and went into the studio alone, sat down at the piano and the chords, the melody and the lyrics all came out on their own, almost like an outside experience», says the twenty-year-old young singer-songwriter who rose to fame in the series Disney’s High School Musical: The Musical – The Series,

“It’s a song about feeling confused and hurt and at first I thought it would be a piano ballad. But when Dan and I started working on it, We decided to mix the words with a continuous drum beat while changing the tempo of the song. Now this is a song about love that’s gone you can dance to, Dan is Daniel Negro, the producer who has already been with him on his first album. TartWhich earned him three Grammys and 40 billion streams.

to direct Petra CollinsAlready present in the videos for the songs “Brutal” and “Good 4 U” by the Filipino-American singer-songwriter, the video begins with an image of the ocean amid the noise of cicadas at night and shows an intimate version of the artist. , A well dressed man with a microphone in his hand is singing on the grass field. An almost magical atmosphere that suddenly pauses, surprises and reveals the imagination, supporting the changes in the rhythm of the piece. “Vampire” is the vampire that drains the energy of the relationship, but here comes the blood, which recalls the vampires of legend.

Olivia Rodrigo delivers a song that moves away from her dreamy intimacy and evolves into a pulsating rhythm that anticipates the change we’ll see on her new album Courageout on september 8,

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