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Olivia tells Rodrigo the vampire. Winner of 3 Grammy Awardsable to break from his first album Tart (over 17 million copies sold), numerous world records, Olivia Rodrigo He did not disappoint even with his new job. With recently released single vampireIn fact, it debuted straight away at #1 on the Spotify charts with over 9 million streams in a single day, the biggest debut of the year for a female artist with a solo track in 2023. The video clip for the song has garnered over 12 million views on YouTube in just 24 hours! About vampires, a few days ago, Olivia spoke: here’s what she said.

Olivia Rodrigo

olivia on vampires

,I was angry about a certain situation and I went into the studio alone, sat down at the piano and the chords, the melody and the lyrics all came out on their own, almost like an outside experience. It’s a song about feeling confused and hurt and at first I thought it would be a piano ballad. But when Dan and I started working on it, we decided to add a drum beat to the song, changing the tempo of the song. Now this is a song about love that’s gone you can dance to,

new album

A few days ago Olivia surprisingly announced her second studio album, Courage, due out on September 8 worldwide. The album was recorded with faithful producer Daniel Nigro before their first record. album is pre-orderable In CD and vinyl format. Additionally, four special vinyls with different colors will be available for purchase. Exclusively at Universal Music Italia Shop,


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