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Olivia RodrigoThe singer’s fans have been clamoring for months to find out who she’s singing about in her chart-topping single “Vampire,” and now some are doubly convinced it’s about her ex Adam Faze. They even found “evidence” to support this theory.

20 year old GUTS The superstar released the song earlier this summer, which immediately raised questions about who inspired it.

Some thought it was about an ex Zach Biaand he even addressed this assumption.

Others were convinced that this was about Taylor Swiftand the whisper became so loud that Olivia I had to clear the air.

Now a viral theory on TikTok suggests it could be Adamwith whom she was romantically linked from June 2021 to February 2022. The fan makes a compelling case, but we have bad news for them!

Find out more about Olivia Rodrigo and Adam Feiz…

In a TikTok video, a fan shared a screenshot of a 2021 post from AdamInstagram page. Olivia loved the post when it came out. She also left a comment: “Vampires never age.”

OliviaLooks like he’s still on duty. However, the comment appears to have been deleted. It is unclear when it was removed or whether the image in the clip was edited.

Interestingly, there have already been suggestions that the “vampire” was about Adam, but the insider denied this rumor. “The song is not about Adam Faze” they told People.

Whatever it takes Olivia recently addressed a common misconception about her songs and who they are about. She also revealed the deeper meaning of the word vampire.

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