Olympic Day Care Center Needed

Combining motherhood with high-level sport has been a significant challenge for female athletes, who have historically had to choose between starting a family and building a successful career at high levels of competition. This was a reconciliation that had eluded us for many years. Today, with the encouragement of pioneers such as Ona Carbonell, Maialen Chourraut or Blanca Manchón, who have emerged in the field of sports after childbirth, Enough has been said by women who have recently emerged as champions of motherhood and distance themselves from the discrimination women suffer. .system.

The Spanish Olympic Committee’s Fertility and Sports Commission, headed by Ona Carbonell, will submit a series of proposals to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to benefit athletes who have become mothers, following a meeting that will focus on The next Olympic Games will be held in Paris in 2024.

The main requirement is that babies under 18 months old can enter the Olympic Village and a breastfeeding room is provided so that they can breastfeed normally. Currently, only female athletes are eligible to enter Olympic facilities, which is why they are forced to stay away from their children during competitions.

Carbonell herself has become one of the most vocal voices of maternal reconciliation in high-level sport, but she didn’t go any further and instead celebrated her son Kai’s first birthday via video call from the Tokyo Olympic Village. Days later, she announced her retirement, working, among other challenges, to make motherhood represented in sport.

Freeze “ranking”

In addition to having minimal facilities, they will also require these sites to have a team of professionals so that babies can be cared for while mothers train or compete, just like in any day care centre. Another big concern for them is the freezing of “rankings.” Many of them decide not to take the step of becoming mothers because they lose any qualifying privileges during the months of pregnancy and subsequent breastfeeding.

For this reason, we have proposed uniform regulations to the International Sports Federations to ensure that the rankings of athletes who decide to become mothers are frozen. This is necessary to avoid a situation like Serena Williams or Naomi Osaka, who went from being at the top of the rankings to disappearing from the spotlight. Simply to exercise her rights as a mother.

All of the proposals will be put forward by IOC Athletes Commission member Pau Gasol, who will give greater weight to requests aimed at addressing one of the taboos in women’s sports.

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