Omer Fedi completely changed his appearance, so he is now!

Which of you *remembers Omer Fedi, Addison Ray’s boyfriend? Well, it looks like it has a new look now, here are the photos!

Which of you remembers Omer Fedi? Electricity groom Author: Addison Ray has changed a lot lately, now in fact, judging by the new photos that have appeared we see that it looks completely different than before. But how different is it and how is it become Now? Well, today we at Webboh are here to bring it to you!

Omer Fedi guitar player AND music producer The Israeli is known for his collaborations with Lil Nas X and contributions to several hits, and is also groom from creator American Addison Ray (yes, they are still together!). Omer until recently had gods hair long painted red hair that has become almost a symbol for the fans. However, now he has completely changed, even wearing less extravagant outfits.

Many* fans have even wondered* if this is the person we see in the pictures right now. Of course yes ^ guys, about change in appearance Omer is always Omer. Now his hair is shorter, almost shaved off and no longer dyed. but they keep their natural color, or ner;, also seems to be wearing simpler outfits than before… or at least that’s what it looks like in recent photos online. Have you seen the before and after comparison? Here!

(Photo: Instagram)

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