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OMG! Britney accepted Kim Kardashian as one of her attorneys in her guardianship trial

Every time new information is revealed about the terrible case, more voices are raised demanding justice for the 39-year-old singer, who for many suffers a severe case of ‘slavery’ by her family and of which the US justice is complicit, since despite all the testimonies and trials, Britney Spears he has not been able to regain his freedom.


The millionaire businesswoman who a few years ago became a friend of the singer thanks to Paris Hilton decided to get to work in the process of releasing Britney.

Since the beginning of the scandal, Kim Kardashian has sent multiple messages of support on social media to the Princess of Pop:

No one deserves to be treated with as much cruelty or judgment as entertainment,” Kim Kardashian wrote.

According toCloser, a source very close to the singer has revealed that the ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star offered his full legal support to Britney Spears: ‘He approached Britney as soon as he read her statement. Kim knows he’s going through hell and his situation is like a jail sentence. He let her know that he would do everything he could to help her win the battle. Having such a prominent name on the legal team would give britney’s case even more publicity.’

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