¡Omg! Gigi Hadid posted an enigmatic message on Instagram… Are you talking about Zayn?


The dating of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik has been very involved in rumors, controversy and also a couple of breaks that have shown that most problems are between the two, that the love you have.

At the beginning of the year, it became known that the american model and the singer had resumed their romantic relationship.

However, a recent publication of Gigi has turned on the alarms of the fans, the media partner. What did he do?

The celebrity of 24 years climbed a series of postcards on Instagram, including one of a picture, a selfie with a face mask, a drawing in a notebook, and a photo with Zayn!

What has caused uproar is the title that you used for the post: “(Old) findings of my camera,” was what he wrote, hinting that her relationship with the ex-Directioner is a thing of the past. What will it be?

Perhaps really only is an old photo, but the caption as the fact that the star of Victoria’s Secret does not publish almost anything with her boyfriend, leaves much to be desired.

For its part, the interpreter of “Pillowtalk” nor has it risen to something that will indicate that he and Gigi Hadid still a couple, but the paparazzi does have very much been together since the month of January.