OMG!!! Greeicy Rendón has posted a photo in mini bikini and Mike Bahía told him, ¡This!


Greeicy Rendón, everything shows what he has, and Mike Bahia says

4. March 202020: 40 hs

Greeicy Yeliana Rendón Ceballos, internationally known only under the name of Greeicy, is a famous singer, dancer and actress, with Colombia, reached a popularity that a total of with the tv series, the Vampire Girl.

Greeicy is a very talented artist, as shown in your schedule of the last few years, where she has worked on numerous series such as: The Golden Snore, Las Vega’s, Grace Shot, Esmeraldas, Revenge.

Recently, the controversial artist is downloaded has on his social networks, a selfie, in front of the mirror for the bathroom, which draws the attention of the followers of the tiny bikini is revealed in detail, your incredible body, but also in step.

Not satisfied, Greeicy has a comment subtly added: “light for me”, friends and followers of the singer have said immediately: “You’re beautiful. What a great body !!!! “”We remain … more divine is impossible “and especially” this light or that light, if you can’t bear it.”

And to the amazement of the whole community, Mike Bahía, the friend of the singer, did not hesitate to add, his reaction to the comment box with the following text: “Rico Rico” followed by a smiley face thoughtful, and this simple remark sparked a controversy, with over 60 answers controversial.