OMG! Kiernan Shipka confessed what actor in “Sabrina” kiss it better


After watching the two seasons of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’, we were super hooked by how pretty you look Nick Scratch and Harvey Kinkle. But the time came that both were waiting for, lto the protagonist of the series, Kiernan Shipka, featured which actor kisses better. *_*

The new “Sabrina” has confessed his love to Noah Centineo

In an interview in the were the three actors, Gavin Leatherwood, Ross Lynch and Kiernan, the actress was challenged to say which actor he kisses better. Gosh!!!

Gavin, who plays Nick Scratch in ‘Sabrina,’ was that he began to question Kiernan.

“Very well, boys, just go down the lines and give the people what they want to know”said Gavin.

“Kiernan, you’ve kissed Ross on the program. I’ve kissed you in the program. Who is the best kisser?” added the actor.

Kiernan did not know whether to respond, but after thinking about it for a moment, finally replied :O

“Guys… listen to me. Simply it would not be fair to Ross …”, made a pause that left us with the doubt but he added : “We all know what a good kisser that is”said Kierna.


OMG!! Perhaps that was not the response expected Gavin but took it very well and good, Ross said to Gavin: “sorry friend”.

All of this makes us to fantasize about something.: If Kiernan loves what a good kisser who is Ross Lynch…do we have a possible alert of romance?

What would be the perfect couple, no?