Ómicron: this is the “damn mail” they use to empty all your accounts

Like the previous year, 2021 ended with Covid and 2022 started with the same. The only difference is that the world is now dealing with the new Omicron variant rather than the Delta variant, which emerged in April 2021.

Omicron’s daily new patient counts have become a global concern and, as we have learned, unfortunately cybercriminals use fear to their advantage.

According to FortiGuard Labs, the threat intelligence laboratory of cybersecurity company Fortinet, He recently found a file with the name “Omicron Stats.exe” which turned out to be a variant of the Redline Stealer malware that steals information from victims’ devices.


According to information compiled by FortiGuard Labs, the potential victims of this variant of RedLine Stealer are distributed in 12 countries, including some in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This indicates that this is a widespread attack and those who are making this threat are not targeting specific organizations or individuals.

What harm does the new variant RedLine Stealer (Omicron Stats.exe) do?

The file “Omicron Stats.exe” is distributed by email And it’s being used just as the Omicron variant has become a global concern, following the pattern of previous RedLine Stealer variants.

This malware is mainly aimed at the millions of users of the Windows operating system in the world, it is sent embedded in a document designed for the victim to open it and generates the automatic download of the malware.

RedLine Stealer searches for and attempts to steal the following stored browser data:

  • Login details
  • Web data
  • Browser user agent details
  • cookies
  • Autocomplete Orders
  • Personal information and credit cards

The malware also tries to collect the following information from the system:

  • Processors
  • Graphics cards
  • RAM
  • Installed programs
  • Running processes
  • Installed languages
  • Username
  • Equipment serial number

The first RedLine Stealer reports date back to at least March 2020 and it quickly became one of the most widespread information thieves sold in underground digital marketplaces.

Information collected by RedLine Stealer Sold on the dark web market for as low as $ 10 per set of user credentials. The malware emerged just as the world began to grapple with increasing numbers of Covid patients and the growing fear and uncertainty that can cause people to let their guard down has led its developers to use it as a decoy.

How to protect yourself?

RedLine Stealer takes advantage of the current Covid crisis and is expected to continue that trend. While it is not designed to have a catastrophic effect on the compromised machine, the information it steals can be used for malicious actions by the cybercriminal himself or sold to other criminals for future activities..

Users should be vigilant and be wary of this type of email.

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