Omicron variant: How long does it take for an infected person to stop infecting?

01/14/2022 – 09:02 Country

The Omicron variant It is today one of those that predominates in Argentina, and is also the cause of the triggering of infections in recent weeks.

Regarding its community transmission, Ómicron has a doubling time of between 2 and 3 days. If a person is infected with the Micron variant today, they should be aware of how long the infection lasts and that it can spread to others.

Every time a person becomes infected, there is an incubation period, which is the time between infection by the virus and the appearance of symptoms of the disease.

It should be noted that since the start of the pandemic, it was considered that the incubation period for coronavirus infection can range between 1 and 14 days, and on average around 5 days. For this reason, people who had been in close contact with a confirmed case were required to self-isolate for more than 10 days.

In the case of the flu, on the other hand, the incubation period is 2 days on average and ranges between 1 and 7. With Ómicron, the incubation period is two to three days.

The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever of 37.5°C, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, rhinitis/nasal congestion, muscle pain, headache, diarrhea or vomiting. Unlike the previous variants, Ómicron does not cause a sudden loss of taste or smell

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