On Blu-ray Keith with Brendan Fraser

It will be shown in Italian cinemas at the end of February 2023 and will be released on Blu-ray under the Eagle Pictures brand. WHALE. Director Darren Aronofsky five later Mother!Released in 2017, this is a film that has once again captured the attention of the general public. Brendan Fraser. And it was no coincidence that Fraser was awarded the Oscar, as well as magnificent makeup, which contributed a lot to conveying his memorable performance.

A play in the service of an intimate drama with a decidedly theatrical production, it’s no surprise that it’s borrowed from a stage play by screenwriter Samuel D. Hunter.

In fact, filmed in 4:3 format, almost two hours of viewing takes place almost entirely in the same interior. The only interior where we find an incredibly obese English teacher who is practically unable to move due to his hulking physical form. On the one hand, the teacher is forced to confront his own ghosts and never revealed love, which tormented him for many years. On the other hand, he must seek one last chance to redeem his unresolved relationship with his teenage daughter: Sadie Sink from the Netflix series Strange things.

The curious protagonist, clearly embodied by Fraser, on whose unpublished and touching proof almost all of the slow narrative evolution WHALE. After all, he did not fail to even talk with a young missionary of the New Life religious community, or Tai Simpkins. But even when a nurse friend with a face helps him Hong Chaualso a candidate for the coveted Hollywood statuette.

And though the Melville novel moby dick presented as an obvious metaphor, excellent dialogue will do the rest.

What’s more, thanks to a cast in excellent shape capable of bringing to life what is essentially a story of a search for redemption. The story is claustrophobic in its own way, marked in a special way by the themes of guilt and, above all, depression. In order to make the viewer think, among other things, about whether people are capable of not having a heart. Seven Minutes on the Movie Soundtrack WHALE and nearly nineteen short films take up an extra section of the disc. Along with a twenty-three minute short film The main characters tell their story.

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