On Friday, August 25, in Piazza Aranci in Massa Carrara, students from the CPM Institute of Music were the protagonists of the “Dance to the Movie Notes” evening on the occasion of the 5th Silver Mercurio Award.


STUDENTS CPM Institute of Music

among the most coveted music schools in Italy


founded and led FRANCO MUSSIDA




on the occasion of the 5th edition


On Friday, August 25, the main characters of the evening will be the students of the CPM Institute of Music, a music school founded and directed by Franco Moussida.Dancing to the Notes of Cinema”, which will be held in Piazza Aranci in Massa Carrara on the occasion of the 5th Silver Mercurio Award. dedicated to musical compositions (Event starts at 21.30 – admission is free).

Ultrapop group CPMcomprises Lorenzo Niniano (Graduated from pop rock guitar) Adalberto Luigi Gambacorta (Graduated from the faculty of bass-pop-rock), Vincent Garofalo (3 course “Drums and percussion”) James Gulino (2nd course Pop Rock Piano&Keyboards), Sofia Pragliola AND Archangel Deleus (both entered the 2nd year of Canto Pop Rock), will perform live some of the most famous and award-winning soundtracks and film scores from composers and artists of the stature such as Ennio Morricone, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Vangelis, Giorgio Moroder, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Joe Hisaishi, Lady Gaga, Irene Cara, Olivia Newton- John, Aretha Franklin, Adele, Billie Eilish and many more..

The performances will be adorned with choreography created by the dancers Dance School Max Ballet Academy – Dance Training Center of Florence.

Born to emphasize the importance of musical composition and its role in everyday life. (movies, advertisements, video games), Silver Mercury Award moving forward Municipality of Massa under patronage ACMF extensionFilm Music Composers Association. For three days, from Thursday 24 to Saturday 26 August, the Mercurio d’Argento Prize turns the historic center of the Tuscan city into a musical center, animated by a competition dedicated to the image of composers, workshops, debates and musical meetings with Italian composers. and foreigners.

CPM Institute of Music (recognized by the Institute of Higher Art, Music and Dance Education of the MUR) boasts a rich and well-defined educational program of specialized courses in instrumental, vocal and professional training conducted by professional teachers. (Bass, Drums, Singing, Guitar, Piano & Keyboards, Sound Engineer, Pop Rock Composition, Electronic Music Producer, Songwriting, Harp, Brass & Pop Rock Violin) and offers academic, pre-academic, multi- and monostylistic, individual paths. (AFAM, BAC, diploma, certificate, individual and master). It is also possible to complete a three-year and two-year AFAM period to obtain an academic diploma of the 1st and 2nd level, a qualification equivalent to a three-year education, and a master’s degree recognized nationally and in all European countries.

Many of those who studied at the CPM today work in prestigious orchestras, play and sing as backing vocalists or musicians in groups of leading artists. (from Laura Pausini To Ermal Meta)others have made a career own artistic (among which Mahmoud, Chiara Galiazzo, Renzo Rubino, Cordio, Tananai).

Since 1988, he has also been involved in the distribution of music in extreme places.the most recent initiative is CO2″Control the hate» which consists of the installation of special audio libraries of instrumental music, divided only by mood, operating in 11 Italian prisons (Milan, Opera, Monza, Turin, Alessandria, Rome, Naples, Venice, Genoa, Bologna, as well as an active option in the juvenile prison center Beccaria from Milan). It carries out educational music projects on social issues such as educational activities included in recovery programs Community of San Patrignanoand for industry, for example, the development of a high-quality radio receiver according to the scheme NatureYesin culture, with participation in Campiello Youth Award.


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