On Prime Video, a story that enchants with its music and its characters

The new miniseries, an adaptation of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s bestseller, streams on Prime Video every Friday from March 3rd.

Starting tomorrow, Friday 3 March, we will be able to stream on Prime Videos the 10-episode miniseries Daisy Jones & The Sixbased on the novel of the same name by Taylor Jenkins Reid released in 2019; a great publishing success. The story focuses on a rock band that rises in 1970s Los Angeles. After becoming one of the most famous groups in the world, suddenly the dissolution: the musical drama reproposes the story through the frame of a documentary on the band shot years later, when the clamor of success has subsided and only regrets remained for such a sudden end. The idea behind it was inspired by the artistic journey of the legendary Fleetwood Mac.

Riley Keough: The stead and aura of Daisy Jones

Protagonist of Daisy Jones & The Six And Riley Keoughone of the most talented actresses of her generation established thanks to cult films such as The Logan scam by Steven Soderbergh e Mad Max: Fury Road by George Miller. “I didn’t know anything about the project,” says Keough. “I had no idea if it was based on a novel or if it was about a real band. As soon as they told me the title and I learned that it was about a band from the 70s, I knew I was going to play Daisy. I didn’t know if there was a script ready or if they liked me, I hadn’t talked to anyone yet. It’s a bit like when I met my husband: I immediately felt that I was going to marry him and we would have children.”

Among the executive producers of the project figure Scott Neustadter, who confirms the goodness of the choice of Riley as the protagonist: “She identified not only with the character but with his entire aura. When she came on the project, she was passionate about every aspect of the show, she read the book and she’s in love. She told us, ‘I want to be Daisy. I’m Daisy.'” His wife Lauren Neustadteralso among the executive producers, joins her husband’s words: “Riley told me she knew she could sing even if she’d never done it, or at least only in the shower. She put her mind to work on her voice and got the results we asked for”.

Daisy Jones & The Six

“I went to a vocal coach and he asked me to start singing at the top of my lungs,” recalls the actress. “My agent told me to feel something Lady Gaga-like when she sings shallow in the remake of A Star Is Born. At first I sang so badly that I started crying. But when I can’t do something, a flame lights up inside me that pushes me to succeed, so I insisted with the coach and in the end he taught me to sing that way. I was willing to do anything to make it, it became a challenge to push myself to do something I had never dared to do before. In the end I didn’t become the best singer in the world, but I’m very proud of what I achieved.”

The music of Daisy Jones & The Six

Alongside Keogh, in the cast of Daisy Jones & The Six stands out Sam Claflinloved by international audiences for the film saga of Hunger Games: “I must confess that before the series I had never picked up a guitar in my life. After reading the book I didn’t know exactly which instrument I was going to play, since compared to the original text the miniseries takes creative liberties, changes some things especially about the roles in the band. I had to learn how to hold a guitar, how to use it. But nothing compares to having to learn to sing… I didn’t know anything about music. Luckily they understood that in me there is it was flexibility and a willingness to learn, to sacrifice.I spent three years of my life for Daisy Jones & The SixI think it means something.”

Daisy Jones & The Six

Lauren Neustadter confirms the actor’s dedication: “Sam has transformed completely. He is absolutely dedicated to the project. During the lockdown due to Covid-19 he was in London with his children. He taught them during the day. Then, once they were in bed, he got up Zoom to take lessons on how to play the guitar. She has also changed her body language; she assumed the posture of a 70s rock star. He and Riley literally transformed into their respective characters.”

Daisy Jones & The Six: The transformation of the cast

The work was arduous and also complex. Over 20 original songs were made for the miniseries, all sung by the cast (a portion was collected on the album Auroraon sale tomorrow, with some tracks – including the beautiful one Regret Me – already available in preview on music platforms). All this without counting the huge, gigantic emotional component of the story. Claflin does not hide that he had some difficulties in the role of Billy Dunne, together with Daisy the voice of the band: “At the beginning I could not identify with Billy’s ego, in his desire to be the leader of the group. Instead, I found a lot It’s easy to understand another aspect of his personality, that of a father. I had no difficulty understanding the most complex moments of the role and crying in the most emotional scenes. Even after shooting, I often continued to sob. I discovered that in me there ‘is so much more of Billy than I could ever imagine.”

Daisy Jones & The Six

The last word on Daisy Jones & The Six obviously returns to the star Riley Keough, who tells how she built the aesthetics of her character and enhances the feeling that was created on the set with the rest of the cast: “I relied on the readers’ love for the book. For Daisy, for example, in the red tones of her hair. After looking at hundreds of drawings, we knew which color was the right one. The same goes for the earrings and bracelets. When you can love each other the way we did on set, I think it kind of reaches out to the audience. I’m really thrilled that people feel this sense of authenticity. It’s a joyful experience. It was something I really needed in my life at that specific moment. I wanted to do something that would bring me joy.”

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