On Prime Video there is a tense and deep film, a beautiful dramatic story based on the novel.

Check out this intense movie on Amazon Prime Video tonight, a beautiful and deep drama directed by an award-winning director.

It is taken – at least on the topic – from the novel of the same name by the great American writer. Philip Roth. In fact, among the characters there is the figure of Nathan Zuckerman, his kind of alter ego, which has already appeared in other books.

human stain this is a movie about Prime video which you should not miss if you love stories that deeply and delicately touch on the nuances of humanity and the contradictions of society.

human stain indicated in the title, in fact, refers to secrets and lies that can darken people’s lives and affect their fate.

This intense drama on Prime Video it also touches on the concept of identity, both personal and racial, and the complexity of interpersonal relationships, not necessarily love ones.

It was very well received by the public, but above all by the critics who won important industry awards such as the Movie of the Year for the American Film Institute.

Of course, thanks to the one who directed it, namely the great Robert Bentonformer winner of the Academy Award for Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay Kramer vs. Kramer and Best Original Screenplay seasons of the heart.

But this movies on Prime Video First of all, it should be noted the highly acclaimed game of a truly stellar cast.

The role of the protagonist was assigned Anthony Hopkinsone of the most beloved actors of all time, having directed films such as Unforgettable Silence of the Lambs, Intrigues of Power and recently Son (available on Prime video), for which he received his second Academy Award.

Instead, the main character has a face Nicole Kidmanan eclectic and talented actress, and she too can boast of winning a precious gold statuette for her performance in Watch.

In the role of Nathan Zuckerman, Roth’s literary referent, we discover another audience favorite: Gary Sinise.

A fantastic cast complements the cast of the main characters. Ed Harris (“pollock“,”Apollo 13“,”The Truman Show“,”anatomy lessons“,”Kodachrome“, “beautiful mind”), but it should be mentioned separately Anna Deaver Smith who by his play in human stainreceived an award Best Supporting Actress at both the Black Reel Awards and the Washington, D.C. Critics Association.

Here’s how the story of this movie unfolds, and it can all be seen on Prime Video.

human stain

Watch the trailer and read the story

Coleman Silk is a college literature professor who is forced out of his position due to a rude comment he made in class.

He has always been a respected professor, but his career is abruptly cut short by a harsh accusation of racism. Silk is not a racist at all, and as a Jew himself, he often suffered from episodes related to his personality. The whole story is the result of a misunderstanding, but he will be forced to leave the chair.

Things are exacerbated by the death of his wife, whose heart cannot stand the scandal, and the relationship that Silk begins to develop with Faunia Farley, a younger than he and illiterate woman with a turbulent past complicated by hidden personal events. secrets and unresolved injuries.

Meanwhile, Coleman asks famed writer Nathan Zuckerman to write a memoir to get his point across. Going through such dark times for both, as Zuzkerman is also upset by his second divorce and facing prostate cancer, a very strong friendship is born between the two men.

But to write the book, Zuckerman will have to dive deep into Silk’s life, which is not easy and the man is openly opposed…

What will happen to the couple? And will the writer be able to reveal all their secrets in order to complete his task?

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