On September 16th from Pienza to San Quirico d’Orcia to discover the cinema spots with the films “Gladiator” and “The English Patient”. Initiative of the cultural association “Conte Maschetti” – Centritalia News

Walk from Pienza – San Chirico d’Orcia The program includes an introduction to the cinemas of Val d’Orcia. Saturday, September 16departure at 10.00 from Piazza Pio II, organized by the Conte Maschetti Cultural Association, which, accompanied by an ecological guide, will lead to the discovery of this land chosen for the great masterpieces of cinema: from Ridley Scott to Anthony Minghella, from Franco Zeffirelli – Francesco Many scenes were filmed here: starting from Pienza in the courtyard to the interiors and exteriors of Palazzo Piccolomini, where “Romeo and JulietFranco Zeffirelli, winner of two Oscar awards, as well as the crew of such Italian comedy films as “2061, an exceptional year“Carlo Vanzina with Diego Abatantuono, we take a look at the famous curves of Monticchiello, where it was partially installed in 1991”Women with skirts“, one of the masterpieces of the recently deceased (and joint) Francesco Nuti. Leaving the historical center of Pienza, the route enters the heart of the city, where it opens from here. wonderful landscapes immortalized in the film “Gladiator” and farmhouseEnglish patient” with a path that crosses the soft hills of Val d’Orcia until it reaches Chapel of the Madonna of the Vitaletes, the same famous church with cypress trees. Continuing our journey along dirt roads in the countryside with moderate ups and downs brings us to the Gladiator’s house with the feeling of walking inside a postcard for several hours. Once in San Quirico d’Orcia, we will see not only American productions, such asVoice of Stone(taken from the novel by Silvio Raffo), set in Orti Leonini and Palazzo Chigi with Caterina Murino and Emilia Clarke, and in many Italian comedies by Massimo Ceccherini”My life with stars and stripes“the main character together with the Swedish model Victoria Silvstedt, or the very last one”All for 1 – 1 for allComedy 2020 by Giovanni Veronesi with Pierfrancesco Favino, Rocco Papaleo, Valerio Mastrandea, Margherita Bui. Finish off with the opportunity to dine together in a charming wine bar with a rustic feel. Not only do the landscapes, history and great food make every day in Val d’Orcia a dream, but this place is also ideal for all film lovers! In the afternoon, those interested will be able to taste craft beer, wine, and visit exhibitions included in the calendar, such as Arbitrium, sculptures by Emanuele Giannelli in Forme nel Verde. or come around 5:30 p.m. Show of flag waving group and musicians of San Quirico d’Orciawho will perform a choreographed flag waving to the sounds of bugles and drummers through the streets of the historical center.

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