On the Amalfi Coast, Palazzo Avino Wears Valentino Red Architectural Digest Italy

« Between soft alcoves, colors that recall the sea and precious details, the rooms emphasize the idea of ​​wondercomers that appeal to all the senses, to be enjoyed with the eye and explored with the hands, a story made of materials, textures In and color, between land and sea, classicism and orientalism, interior and exterior. The concept is inspired by the wonders of the Italian gardens of Ravello and the odyssey of the forgotten stories of the Tyrrhenian Sea”, explains the official communication of Palazzo Avino,

The Pink Closet: A Room of Wonders for Shopaholics

Architect and interior designer also signed The Pink Closet, The Boutique – Wonderkamer which is located a few steps from Palazzo Avino, born of an idea Mariela Avino, pink closets It is a room of wonders in which everything is the result of careful and meticulous study to foster an unprecedented dialogue between the building and the surrounding environment. A beautiful space featuring shades of aquamarine green, liberty green and aegean pink; marble rooted co-exists with floors carpet decoratedAnd this skin nubuck, Regular geometry, which recalls natural elements, characterizes the space, which is embellished surface Roganwith high ceilings and times to cruise. To complete the project, the finishing touches, the walls were covered Shells In porcelain and two important suspension lamps inspired by the world of jewellery.

Here you can find research brands reaching from New York to London, from Crete to New Delhi, from Como (ad-hoc silk), to small Neapolitan tailors where the same silk is made pink pajamas For sale in the shop. And again: there’s no shortage of ceramics bitosi and shoes Janikby blazers flame and sexy look Attic,


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