on the podium two Venetians and a Padua

VENICE – A Venetian and two Paduans on the podium at the Lido in the fifth round of Miss Venice Beach. The competition on Sunday stopped at the “Blue…





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VENICE – A Venetian and two Paduans on the podium at the Lido in the fifth round of Miss Venice Beach. The competition on Sunday stopped at the “Blue Pool” in Bucintoro Square. About ten contestants who emphasized their skills: introduced themselves to the public, almost all danced from classical and rhythmic gymnastic steps, spoke about their passion for make-up and the sport they practice. And on the last catwalk, each girl played the actress who inspired her, in honor of the film exhibition, with the young women of Miss Venice, who walked the red carpet in 2022 with host Elisa Bagordo.

The victory went Stephanie Karausu18 years old, from Padua with the title “Leonardo’s Jewel” presented by the president of “Venezia Spiagge” Pierluigi Padovan. Stefania explained that she has a great passion for the fashion world. “My dream would be not only to design clothes,” she said, “but also to wear and take them off, so I started modeling,” and in the third issue, she played Barbie. Second place for Asia Pezzan 17 years of Sottomarina, awarded with the group “Miss Consortio Sigillo Italiano”, awarded by the Venetian budget adviser Michel Zuin, who conveyed greetings from the mayor of Brugnaro. Asia played Angelina Jolie. Third place went to another beautiful Paduan woman: 26-year-old Anna Rossi, who was crowned Miss Eiva Sports & Spa by Venezia Spiagge Councilor Antonella Stefani and City Councilor Nicola Gervasutti. In the third issue, Anna played Audrey Hepburn in the famous film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


At rehearsals, they paraded with the Area B bikini collections, Italian Bghy bags, Leonardo precious jewelry and the Venetian Blanc du Nil cotton collection. All contestants were prepared by the Erika Salon on the Lido. The Venetian “Ornello” or Alessio Centenaro, who performed “Lisbon”, passed the line of the singing call. Another point for him thanks to his stage presence compared to another competitor: Paduan Julia Contin, also known as “Julia Solo”, who introduced the song “Without Thoughts”. “Miss Venice is halfway through again this year, and the girls took part, highlighting their talents,” Bagordo explains, “poise and elegance were judged. Thanks to the Municipality of Venice in cooperation with Venezia Unica and Venezia Spiaggia, who supported the meeting on the beach for the third year in a row in the new location of the Blue Pool.” On this occasion, the “Villaggio delle Miss” with the stands of the partner companies of the competition was curated by the entrepreneur Nicola Mattiazzo, who equipped the lounge area by the pool. The next selection of the competition will take place on Friday, August 4, at Fontana Square in Bibione.
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