on the red carpet she walks with mom and dad

Jennifer Lawrence presented her new film No Hard Feelings in New York. At the premiere, she was accompanied by special guests, her parents Karen and Gary, who walked the red carpet with her.

Jennifer Lawrence she is more active than ever again a year after having a baby sufirst child born from marriage to Cook Maroney. At the recent Cannes Film Festival, he presented his new film No hard feelings and now he is busy promoting it all over the world. We left her a few days ago in Berlin in a tailcoat, today we find her at the Lincoln Square Theater in New York in full white like a goddess. The detail that there were some “special guests” with her, who were they? About his parents taking advantage of the American premiere to walk the red carpet next to their diva daughter.

Jennifer Lawrence on the family red carpet

Last night, Jennifer Lawrence brought her parents Karen and Gary Lawrence to the New York premiere of No Hurt. All three defiled side by side, smiled at the photographers and turned out to be more united and close than ever. The mother, whom the actress bears a striking resemblance to, looked fashionable and sophisticated in a black mini dress, paired with a coat with a collar, buttons, and pockets embroidered with cream scrawl. Bare legs, heels and wavy hair: Miss Karen looks like a real diva. Dad chose a two-piece suit with a brown jacket, beige trousers, a striped shirt, and suede loafers. The colored scarf in the pocket did not disappear, like a real lord. Aren’t all three adorable together?

Jennifer Lawrence with her parents on the red carpet

Jennifer Lawrence with her parents on the red carpet

Goddess Jennifer Lawrence

For such an important event as the first “family” red carpet, Jennifer Lawrence could only take care of her outfit to the smallest detail. After a see-through dress and a sculpted sheath dress, this time she opted for a style inspired by Greco-Roman goddesses. She once again put her trust in Maison Dior, showcasing one of the dresses from the Spring/Summer 2023 collection. It is an all-white model, draped in a sinuous silhouette, with a straight skirt, a one-shoulder neckline and a matching ribbon that marks the point of life. To top it off, she opted for a pair of gold stiletto sandals by Manolo Blahnik and gold earrings by Tabayer. The actress also highlighted her very long hair, making it loose and slightly wavy: doesn’t this version seem to come out of one of the classic ancient myths?

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Jennifer Lawrence in Dior

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior

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