On TikTok they use iodine to get rid of acne, is this method safe?

Applying iodine to the skin can help fight acne, according to TikTok. Learn more about its efficacy and safety.

On TikTok they use iodine to get rid of acne, is this method safe?

latest update: August 10, 2023

One of the trending skincare trends via TikTok It includes the use of iodine to fight acne. After user Nicole Olsen shared her testimonial of the treatment’s effects, thousands of people around the world decided to replicate it.

The antibacterial properties of the ingredient are said to help stop the growth of bacteria that cause acne breakouts on the skin. Even so, there is debate about its safety and possible side effects. What should you know before trying it? We tell you what dermatologists say.

What Is Iodine and How Can I Use It to Fight Acne?

Iodine, also known as iodine, It is a chemical element that appears on the periodic table as number 53 and symbol I. It occurs in small amounts in seawater, sediments and some rocks.

It has a wide range of applications as it is essential to the health of humans and animals. In fact, it’s commonly found in foods as well as in the formulations of medications, disinfectants, supplements, and other products.

Today, one of its most popular applications has to do with skin care.Allegedly, through platforms such as TikTok It is the solution to pimples and acne. However, as Dr. Alam explained via the journal healthythis remedy does not involve the use of pure iodine.

For this, people use a 3 percent solution of povidone-iodine, a liquid antiseptic used in medicine to sterilize the skin before surgical incisions. It’s also available without a prescription, as it’s applied to minor cuts, scrapes, and burns to prevent infection.

Is iodine for acne?

Nicole Olsen, who claims to work in a Miami doctor’s office, has become a trending topic with more than 1.2 million views on her TikTok video. Mainly demonstrated the efficacy of povidone-iodine 3% against comedones and acne.

I used it today at the office as a sanitizer for blackheads on my face, just did a little experiment and I really feel like this will be a game changer for blackheads.

~ Olsen in TikTok video ~

The woman claimed that the product caused no irritation or adverse reactions, which made the treatment even more appealing. Even so, dermatologists warn that it’s not without risks. In fact, they recommend using other approved acne products over others.

pass insiderDr. Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research in the Department of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, explains Iodine has antibacterial properties. Therefore, it can be used for skin disinfection in medical settings.

Once applied, povidone-iodine penetrates tissues, oxidizes proteins and fatty acids, and kills microorganisms. therefore, This product kills germs in minutes.

In a survey shared by the magazine antibiotic, Povidone-iodine preparations help prevent infection dermatobacter acnes. Despite these findings, There is not enough evidence to prove that it is an effective and safe medicine for acne.

Zeichner warns that despite the growing popularity of iodine for blackheads, there are still risks that cannot be ignored. For some people, it may cause irritation, inflammation, and worsening of symptoms, especially if they have sensitivities or allergies.

This product should only be used occasionally, for up to two consecutive days. Also, it cannot be left on the skin for long because of the risk of contact dermatitis and hyperpigmentation.

It might work, but it’s not the best option…

Based on anecdotal evidence, topical povidone-iodine 3% for blackheads and acne is well tolerated by most people. Timely and moderate application is likely to produce no adverse effects. Plus, it fights breakouts, according to user reviews.

The downside is that it is not a dermatology approved remedy. There isn’t enough evidence to prove that it’s a good choice for treating acne.

Apart from, It is a substance that can cause contact allergy. While for some it is harmless, for others it can cause irritation and damage.

For this reason, dermatologists advise against the use of this substance and others not approved for acne treatment. While online reviews spread the idea that they are almost a “miracle” cure, not everyone tolerates them well, and that’s the risk.

Instead, it is best to choose those remedies that have been proven effective against the outbreak. This is the case with products containing benzoyl peroxide, An active compound that is considered one of the most effective against acne.

A 5% benzoyl peroxide gel formulation is typically used and applied once or twice daily for up to four weeks.

It is important to consult a dermatologist

Acne remedies like iodine usually get a lot of attention due to their popularity on social media. While they may be effective in some cases, Many people are unaware that not all skins react the same and that there are certain risks.

As much as possible, you should avoid using substances on your skin that are not approved by a dermatologist. Most importantly, in the face of diseases such as acne, acne may also have multiple causes. If acne and blackheads are severe or recurring, it’s best to seek individualized treatment.

Professionals must determine which product is the right product to reduce the problem. In addition, it recommends other treatments to restore the health of the skin without exposing it to other risks.

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