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The tale of Pif, who returned to earth from the underworld.

Moments are insignificant…
Paradise 2 – 21.20
Inspired by two books by Francesco Piccolo, Daniele Luchetti’s Moments of Insignificant Happiness tells the story of Paolo (Pif), an engineer who lives in Palermo with his family: wife Agatha (Tony) and children. Quiet life, a few antics and small moments of happiness, like when he rides a red light on a moped. One day he gets into an accident in which he loses his life and finds himself in the afterlife: in the room where souls are sorted, thanks to the exact mechanism, he will be able to return to earth to sort everything out in just 92 minutes. . Starring Renato Carpentieri.

Skyline – Chills at high altitude
Italy 1 – 21.20
Directed by Mikael Marcimain, the film is not exactly the perfect story for those who are afraid of flying. Jackson (Alexander Draymon) and Sarah (Allison Williams) board a local flight to the Caribbean to attend an island wedding. The small plane is piloted by Wyman, a friend of Sarah, who asks her to sit next to him as co-pilot. However, during the flight, he has a fatal illness: he dies of a heart attack. The teams go to a girl who has never flown an airplane. It may fall, and worse, a storm is brewing.

Nine – 21.40
Filmed in Finland by Joe Wright, it follows a father teaching his daughter how to survive. This is Eric (Eric Bana), a former CIA agent; it is Hannah (Saoirse Ronan), fifteen years old, forced to be in solitary confinement so that her enemies cannot find her. The ruthless Marissa (Cate Blanchett), another CIA special agent, is on their trail, determined to destroy Eric and the secret the man knows. However, before meeting her, Hanna must learn composure, precision, hand-to-hand combat, and weapon handling. It will not be easy for a girl to return to civilian life.

TV Guide Tonight August 8, 2023: First and Second Evening

Paradise 1

21.25 Queen bee – ageless emotions Directed by Michael Lembeck with Ellen Burstyn, Jane Curtin, Loretta Devine, USA 2021, comedy Proud of her independence, Helen is forced to move into a nursing home while her home is undergoing renovations. Once inside, he makes friends…

20.30 FlowFlowTe

10.23 tg 1 pm

Paradise 2

21.20 MOMENTS OF UNEQUAL HAPPINESS Directed by Daniele Luchetti with Pif, Tony, Renato Carpentieri Italy 2019 comedy Paolo is hit by a truck when he stopped at a traffic light. Once in Heaven, he discovers that he can return to Earth with an angel, but only for one hour and thirty-two minutes…

May 23 star bar Hosted by Stefano De Martino (Cue)


21.20 RED THREAD A program that tells about the summer of our country in the face of economic and social challenges, major cultural events and international scenarios. Hosted by Manuela Moreno.

Network 4

21.25 EAST NEW YORK Killian and Morales investigate a shooting that killed an elderly man. As they investigate, they discover that the intended target was Demot Green, a prominent businessman.

Channel 5

20.45 MONZA – MILAN PRIZE OF SILVIO BERLUSCONI The Silvio Berlusconi trophy is born, with Milan and Monza as its protagonists. An initiative to remember the football exploits of the President. The first edition will take place at the U-Power Stadium in Monza.

23:30 X-Men

Italy 1

21.20 HORIZONTAL LINE – WORK AT A GREAT HEIGHT Directed by Mikael Marcimain with Alexander Dreymon, Pearl Mackie, Keith David, USA 2020, Adventure For Sarah and Jackson’s ex-boyfriends, it was supposed to be just a short flight to a tropical island for their friend’s wedding. But the pilot becomes a victim of a heart attack.

23.15 snakes on the plane Directed by David R. Ellis. With Samuel L. Jackson, Julianna Margulies, Nathan Phillips (action film, 2006)


20.35 ON THE AIR SUMMER The summer in-depth program is back, hosted by Marianna Aprile and Luca Telese, who, in the company of numerous guests, discuss current events, politics and economics.

23.15 Donnie Darko Directed by Richard Kelly. With Jake Gyllenhaal, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Patrick Swayze (drama, 2001)

Heavenly Programming Tonight August 8, 2023

Sky One

21.15 dream for rent (v. 4 eps. 4, 3)

23.25 rub. dream for rent (v. 4 ep. 4)

sky atlantic

21.15 Souls – All the lives you remember

23.15 Souls – All the lives you remember

Sky Cinema One

21.15 Sabotage. David Ayer, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

10.23 Shock therapy. Peter Segal starring Jack Nicholson

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