On TV Tonight: Must-See Movies Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Directed by Mario Martone. Film with Luigi Lo Cascio, Valerio Binasco, Francesca Inoudi, Andrea Bosca, Edoardo Natoli, Luigi Pisani, Andrea Renzi, Renato Carpentieri, Guido Caprino, Ivan Franek. Genre Drama – Italy, France, 2010.

Three boys from southern Italy, after the brutal repression of the Bourbons against the uprising in which their families were involved in 1828, were ripe for the decision to join the Giovine Italia of Giuseppe Mazzini. In four episodes that correspond to the equally dark pages of the Risorgimento’s process of Italian unification, the lives of Domenico, Angelo and Salvatore will be tragically marked by their mission as conspirators and revolutionaries, suspended between moral rigor and murderous action. drive, wit of sacrifice and fear, prison and secret life, ideal impulses and political disappointments. In the background is the most obscure history of the birth of the country, the incessant conflicts between the “fathers of the fatherland”, the incurable split between the North and the South, the twisted roots on which the Italy in which we live has grown. developed.


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